Tuesday, January 17, 2012

How’s it Goin’?

“So how is your first week of celibacy going, Kitty?” Well, thank you for asking and actually it is not TECHNICALLY my first week. It’s actually been quite a while since this old Kitty has gotten some action. The other day XXX and I were having a conversation and I was thinking “I really should try to make staying faithful my New Year’s Resolution”. Since we are already half way through January that’s the one resolution I have actually kept so far. Once I started thinking about it though I started to shake a little bit. Kitty started to have withdrawal shakes. I thought about hopping back onto Ashley Madison and I thought about doing what I had to do to get together with Dodger but I thought “That’s not going to do you a bit of good.”

So my other option was the celibacy option…at least for now. So really it has been a while since I have had sex with anybody and as a result I have managed to be faithful for that period of time. Yeah, I’m going to be honest with you. Celibacy SUCKS! Now I am having a particularly rough day today but there are other days that aren’t so bad.

So another question you might ask is “What do you think about Kitty?”

Oh, Kitty thinks about all sorts of things. I think about the books I am reading. I think about my kids, my pets, the gym. The other day we were in class and someone shouted “Roll it out, Kitty.” I thought it was a man in the hall but it turned out it was my girlfriend the trainer. We all laughed and I said “I thought we got some fresh meat in the gym.” Then everybody laughed and Kitty began to think about dicks.

Kitty began to think about how good it feels to suck a man’s dick. My favorite thing to do is to suck on the very tip of the head. I like to roll my tongue all along the rim. Then I move my tongue up and down the shaft while I play with his balls in my hand. I began to think about the sweet, warm pre-cum that comes out and how I like to rub my lips along the top of his head as though that little bit of cum is lip gloss. Then I run my tongue over my lips to taste it.

Kitty began to think about taking the entire cock into my mouth and how the tip of the head feels against the back of my throat. Kitty really hasn’t swallowed since my days with Bad Boy oh so many years ago but believe me that is not Kitty’s choice.

Kitty thinks about running a nice hard cock over my cheek as I stroke it with my hand. Then of course Kitty thinks about how nice it feels to rub the head of his cock over my clit and how just that little bit of contact makes me want to put the whole thing inside of me. Sometimes he teases me and makes me wait. That just makes the initial penetration all the more sweet for Kitty.
Kitty thinks about how he thrusts in and out drawing nearly his entire cock out then plunging back into Kitty’s warm, wet kitty. Kitty loves to look into his eyes when he is on top. I love to watch him smile as he pumps his warm cum inside of Kitty. Kitty thinks about how he collapses onto me and begins kissing my mouth and neck then moves down to my breasts and even my kitty where his tongue pleasures me to my own climax.

Sure, Kitty is celibate…for now…but Kitty still THINKS about pleasure and maybe someday…


W said...

Nice job NK, get the guys all worked up first thing in the morning with you vivid descriptions. Mission accomplished. ;)

Have a good one.

Naughty Kitty said...

Now you know how I feel :(

H said...

I like how Kitty thinks, and now H is thinking about kitty, thinking about cock.... celibate Kitty just sounds wrong

Naughty Kitty said...

It is SOOOO wrong H! You have no idea how wrong :(