Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Masterpiece

Okay, those of you who read my blog daily may remember that Bad Boy wanted me to write a fantasy blog just for him. Kitty was ready, willing and able but had a bit of…um…”WRITER’S” block. Okay let’s just go with THAT. So Bad Boy helped me along as always with some of his Bad,Bad emails and together we created what we refer to as our “Gang Bang Masterpiece”.

I want to thank Bad Boy for the inspiration and also thank him for trying to convince me not to take a vow of celibacy. What can I say, it’s been a rough week. Thank you Bad Boy. Enjoy!

When I think of you and I can’t help but go back to our childhood. Yes, back to a time where we spent hours tucked away in our childhood bedrooms, our friend’s bedrooms at parties, on couches of families that I used to babysit for and the occasional peach field. Those were innocent days for me. We played. We romped and we explored.

I don’t know if I ever told you this but there was a point where I had reconciled to “go all the way” with you. I had thought to myself that you would be “the one”. And then…you pulled back…or so it seemed. Sure, at the time I may have been hurt but looking back it was perhaps the kindest thing a man could have ever done for me. As a result we are friends to this day. It is not important why we did what we did back then. I just look back and realize that I wasn’t ready and if we had consummated that part of our friendship who knows where we would be today.

What I am thinking about now is how far we have both come and how far our friendship has come. I believe if we consummated this friendship now we would definitely end it. I am not sure why but all of my lovers leave. I must project neediness once we have completed the act. I have been told that I push them away when in fact I believe they are the pushers.

At any rate I do think about us. I do imagine you and me together. I have very fond memories of your cock and crave a reunion so that I can appreciate you the way I could not appreciate you when we were children and yes, we WERE children…at least I was.

From where I stand there are different types of fucking. There is hard fucking and there is slow sweet fucking resembling love making. I can go either way but much prefer a combination of each. In the harsh cold winter months here on the east coast I can’t help but want to take a trip down to your neck of the woods. Your tropical home. Preferably an upscale luxury hotel. My fantasy would be to fly down to see you and arrive at the hotel with time to unwind and relax and enjoy a nice glass of champagne and a bubble bath.

You and I would have dinner reservations. Yes, a romantic dinner but casual. I am dressed entirely in black aside from the red bra and panties I am wearing underneath my short black dress. Although my dress is conservative it is clingy and low cut revealing just a hint of cleavage. To be honest I am not all that hungry but the dinner is important. You and I need to reconnect in person. I need some time to look into your eyes and drink in your smile. You always had a beautiful smile.

I am not drinking at dinner. I want to have my wits about me. I want to feel you on every level. It’s been a long time. I want to enjoy the entire experience. After all how many times does a girl like me get a “do-over”?

You ask me toward the end of our meal if I would like to take a tour of your city. I say that I would love to in the morning but am starting to feel a headache coming on then I give you a little wink. I am not sure at this point if you understand my ploy or not but you agree to take me back to the hotel.

I invite you in and look into your eyes hoping that you are thinking what I am thinking. I am hoping that you are feeling what I am feeling. You tell me that you will walk me to my room which makes me feel at ease not only because I want to fuck you but because the idea of going up to an empty hotel room in a strange city is a bit daunting to me. I am still a country girl at heart I suppose.

We walk into the room which has been prepared for the evening by the service. The lights are on but turned down to a romantic hue and the bedspread has been removed exposing a luxurious king size bed. “That bed looks so big for one person,” you say.

I lay down my purse and turn to you. You close the door behind us and hold my face in your hands then begin to kiss me. It has been such a long time. I forget how your mouth feels on mine and yet it feels like home.

You move your hands down the side of my body slightly pressing up against me. You run your tongue inside my mouth which immediately makes me wet and makes me moan at the same time. I want this moment to last. The anticipation is mounting and I am dying to get out of my clothes. More importantly I am dying to get YOU out of your clothes but I choose to wait. I want to enjoy every moment. We have all night. This is a rare luxury for me and I want to savor it.
To be continued...

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