Saturday, January 14, 2012

Celibate Kitty

I initially made the comment that I am going to become celibate to Bad Boy the other day and then Jiminy Cricket after an incident with XXX.

Bad Boy’s reaction was “Now don’t get crazy.” He also made a comment about my “Hoo-ha drying up” which believe it or not is one of my worst fears.

Jiminy Cricket found my vow more humorous. The two men who supported my decision were XXX and Angry Guy.

Now if the two guys that are most likely to sleep with me are supportive of my vow of celibacy what does THAT tell you?!?!!?

I told Jiminy that I think men like the way I write. They like to chat online, they like to text, email and they LOVE to read my blog but in person…not so much. I can only attribute that to men not being physically attracted to me. Okay so I can deal with that…I guess.

Now I know you are thinking that Kitty is fishing for compliments but I assure you that is not the case. I have never thought of myself as physically attractive as I told Jiminy. Growing up I was told that I was smart and I have been told that I am funny but Kitty has never been labeled as “pretty”. It wasn’t until this whole Ashley Madison nonsense with foolish men telling me non-truths that I started to believe. At any rate I was driving into work today thinking about the gym and thinking how well I do when I just go for me. Then Kitty started thinking about how well I do when I focus on work, when I focus on family and when I just do what I have to do to make myself happy.

I began thinking about all the time and energy I have been spending caring for the needs of strange men, emailing them, chatting with them, stroking their egos because their wives have stopped, meeting strange men in hotel rooms only to be left unfulfilled. Kitty has been spending an awful lot of my attention on men who don’t appreciate it and who offer nothing in the way of attention in return. Is that their fault? CERTAINLY NOT! These men don’t ask for Kitty’s attention. They have wives and families that take priority and Kitty is completely understanding about that.

So Kitty made the comment half joking then began to think about it and realize that for all intents and purposes I AM ALREADY CELIBATE just not by choice.

So now Kitty is making the choice. I know you are thinking “Kitty, whatever will you write about now?” Well, I am sure I will think of SOMETHING! I still have plenty that I have written about my Ashley Madison escapades but just never posted.

And you may all have to be supportive until I get my bearings. Kitty is going to have to re-focus all of that sexual energy on something else. I just haven’t decided yet what it will be.

Well first thing I can tell you is that Kitty is going to focus more on the gym and my eating. I already go to the gym faithfully but now it is time to kick it up a notch.

Kitty also has to focus on work. XXX has been wanting me to put in more hours in his office as opposed to in his bed so it may be time and it is a good career move for me. Big Cheese also needs me more so those afternoons in hotel rooms will be spent better earning money and working out.

Kitty also plans to spend more time with my platonic friends. Even though XXX and I won’t be fucking he needs my friendship and I am here for him not to mention I am here for all my other friends men and women who make me smile every day. It’s Kitty’s turn to give back.

Don’t you worry though. Kitty will find my way. I always do.

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