Friday, January 20, 2012

Things That Do NOT Make Kitty Wet

Kitty has been getting some grief over the expression “___ makes Kitty wet”. More than a few of my friends have said “What DOESN’t make you wet?”  They say it like it’s a BAD thing! Can you imagine?!?!?!

Now I am not sure how much my male readers know about what happens to the female body when a gal gets to be my age but at my last doctor’s visit my doctor warned me that my sex drive may be deteriorating or even DEMINISH! Well, Kitty told that doctor that I have never been so frisky and the doctor said “If we could bottle what you’ve got we could make a fortune.”

So Kitty is not going to apologize for getting wet over things that some of you may think are trivial. I did however try to think of a list of things that do NOT make me wet. Here is what I came up with:

1.     Laundry does NOT make Kitty wet

2.     Michael Buble does NOT make Kitty wet

3.     My particular line of work and those that work in it do NOT make Kitty wet

4.     Having sex in my car which happens to be a minivan and reminds me of the fact that I am a MOMMY does NOT make Kitty wet

Okay really? I think you get my point. So, see…there are at least four things that don’t make Kitty wet. Don’t make me think of more. My head is starting to hurt from all this concentrating.

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Luna Moon said...

Michael Buble? lol His response would probably be..."I might have to wait, I'll never give up...I just haven't met you yet!"