Thursday, January 19, 2012

THE Text

Today started like any other day. I was working with Big Cheese who has finally returned from his damn vacation…then the afternoon with XXX. Things were finally beginning to feel normal again I sat with Big Cheese in his office daydreaming. I dreamt that I received THE TEXT. It said “My place? Same time.”

AHHHH… THE TEXT. What was a kitty to do? I didn’t want to be too rough on him because I had a feeling he had a not so good weekend based on his horrible mood the Friday before so I decided to be a nice kitty and texted back “sure”.

When the time arrived I left the office but noticed that his office door was still open. I continued out to my car and made the oh so familiar drive on an unseasonably warm winter’s day. When I got to his place he still had not arrived. I hesitated but grabbed the hidden key and let myself in. I took off my coat still a little confused but then decided to make the best of things and prepare for him. Generally he is there to greet me and lead the way. This was an opportunity for me to greet him for a change. Something told me he needed that.

When I reached the top of the stairs things began to make sense. We were once again on the same page. The bed was neatly made. There was a hot pink gift bag in the middle of the bed with a long stem rose beside it. I smiled at the thought. Not only do I love gifts but I love the sexy thought behind it.

Out of the bag came a beautiful French lace black bra with matching g-string and thigh high stockings as well. I glanced at the clock and allowed myself another 5 minutes before he came home so I quickly I slipped everything on. Nearly perfect fit. How did he DO that?

Sure enough I heard the door open and close downstairs. I heard him put his keys and his sunglasses on the kitchen counter. I pictured him talking off his coat and heard his steps as he walked up the steps toward me. I stood still as he came into the room. He took a long look at me and smiled as he ran his eyes up and down my entire body. Had it been anybody else I would have coward but today I was ready.

He stepped up to me looking into my eyes now and gave me that first kiss. It was no surprise to me how warm and welcoming that kiss was even though for a change I was welcoming him. He began to speak but I kissed him again knowing that this would signal “No talking zone” at least for a few moments. I wanted to enjoy this quietly. I wanted to gaze into those crystal blue eyes and drink him in. I wanted to enjoy every moment as though it were our last.

As we kissed I began unbuttoning his shirt. He easily slipped it behind him then reached between my legs. I was already so wet. I could feel him smile again as we continued to kiss not saying a word. I unbuttoned his pants but got no further before he pushed me toward the bed nearly throwing me down. I lay on my back as he removed the rest of his clothing and lay down next to me. He took another long look at me and once again began to speak. “I knew this would be perfect on you, Kitty,” he said. “Do you like it?” I smiled and nodded still not speaking.

He leaned in again to kiss me and slipped his finger past the string of the panties and immediately put it inside of me as he rubbed my clit with his thumb. “Go slow” I told him. He slowed down a bit and kissed my mouth. “You talk too much,” He said as he smiled. I reached down and he was hard….REALLY hard. I wanted to slip him inside of me but decided to wait a little bit. We kissed a little while longer. I think we both missed it. It had been a long time for both of us and it had been a long time since we were together. I kissed down his neck then began to run my tongue down the center of his chest slowly toward his stomach then down just to his hard cock. “Put it in your mouth,” he said.

I began licking his cock but took a quick second to say “You talk too much,” as I smiled. I looked up at him. He was looking back at me and seemed in no mood to goof around so I took my orders and moved his hard cock into my mouth slowly inching it in and trying with all my might to touch the back of my throat. In a few seconds he was in. I could hear him moaning and calling out my name so I knew he was enjoying it. As his breathing became deeper, his moaning louder and his cock harder I prepared. He had never cum in my mouth before but I wanted to be prepared. Just before he came though he stopped himself and said “I don’t want to cum yet. Come over here.” He motioned for me to lie next to him. We began kissing and he reached between my legs again. I chuckled a little because I could tell the string was getting in his way. He was becoming impatient. “Take it off.” I told him. He grabbed it in his teeth and pulled at it finding his way down to where I wanted him to be. His tongue teased my clit while his fingers moved inside of me for just a few minutes before I was the one moaning. He was on his knees next to the bed and had pulled me to the edge. I closed my eyes for a moment and before I knew it he replaced his fingers with his cock which was still remarkably hard. “God you feel amazing, “he blurted out. As he was thrusting into me he bent over to kiss my breasts realizing that I was still wearing the black lacy bra. “Damn!” He said realizing that he was the initiator of all the clothing today. Thinking quickly he turned me over on all fours on the bed and un-hooked the bra leaving me in just the thigh high stockings. He positioned me in sight of the mirror reminding me that he likes to watch then entered in one strong thrust from behind. I squealed initially but then assured him that it was a squeal of pleasure not pain.

He is not one to be forceful and is always concerned for my comfort and today was no different except for the fact that he knows that anything he does never hurts me physically so he proceeded thrusting hard from behind reaching around to alternately rub my clit then my breasts then my hips. Again I could feel him getting close to cumming as was I. If he had slipped his dick from my pussy to my ass I would have lost all control but again he stopped and said “I want you to cum on top of me. I know that’s how you want it.” He was right. This is an old standard. This time he lay on his back. I climbed on top of him and began rocking and moving him in and out of me. He sat up and sucked on my nipples as I moved breaking only to whisper in my ear, “cum for me now baby. I know you want to cum for me.” He kissed my mouth just after that and on his command I came. He kissed down my neck as I continued to moan. Before I had the chance to fall into him he pulled me up and quickly turned me back on all fours driving into me one last time. This time he drove hard and deep holding onto my hips. I leaned back into him trying not to fall forward and enjoying how wonderful his hard thrusts felt when he shoved his thumb in my ass putting me right over the edge. I literally lost my breath and began to cum again. As I cried out he drove into me one last time hard. I felt him quivering and heard his voice cry out my name. We collapsed onto the bed at the same time. He stayed inside of me for a moment and spooned me kissing my neck and shoulders from behind before slipping out.  We lay like that silently for quite a while when I felt him kissing me again I realized I had dozed off.
"Thank you for taking me back, Kitty," he whispered in my ear. I closed my eyes again and sighed. I am completely relaxed for the first time in a long time.

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