Friday, September 16, 2011


One of my Facebook friends just commented that I am “obsessed” with sex. He says he was kidding but I know there is some truth in his mind to the comment.

Perhaps the word “obsessed” is a little excessive. I prefer to think of myself as “fascinated” or “honest”. Let me explain. First of all, yes I will admit that my attitude toward the topic of sex has changed toward the more liberal side from when I was in my 20’s. I am not sure whether it is age, experience or the men I have been with then compared to now.

I happen NOT to be one of the many women that you read about that does not enjoy sex. I never use the old “I have a headache” excuse and am NEVER “too tired”. If anything sex is a stress reliever for me. It takes my mind off of the woman I am outside of the bedroom along with her worries and ailments.

Supposedly women reach their sexual peak in their 40’s. Well I am there baby! Hey, I am enjoying this time in my life. My kids are finally old enough where I can move about. I can go to the office for work a few times a week and I can be among adults. As a woman who was tied down with two kids a year apart from each other not to mention their older brother this newfound freedom is enlightening to say the least.

The main thing about my honesty about sex I think is that by this point in my life it is clear to anybody that I am no longer a virgin. EXACTLY! I have been married twice and have children not to mention the fact that I am from New Jersey. I am not going to waste anybody’s time trying to pretend. Oh, by the way, the New Jersey reference has to do with my honesty…I am not saying that ladies from New Jersey are promiscuous.

I am also somewhat old fashioned in that I WANT to please my partner. I am not just looking to get laid or just to have an orgasm. It is about the whole connection with me. The intimacy between my partner and me and in the case of my husband this is “OUR time” just the two of us and I relish that. I enjoy trying new things and keeping things fresh. The men I have slept with can say a lot about me but I doubt any of them would say that I am “boring”.

So, what the hell is the big secret about sex among adults? As Miranda Hobbs from “Sex and the City” said… [Shopping for a wedding dress] I said, "No white, no ivory, no nothing that says 'virgin.'" I have a child. The jig is up. ...”
So what is wrong with a gal like me being honest  1. That I am no longer a virgin, 2. That I happen to enjoy the act of sex, 3. That I enjoy reading/researching the topics surrounding sex?

Please tell me.


Holly S said...

I loved this post! I have discovered much about my sexuality and how very much I can enjoy sex after turning 40. And I see no reason to deny it or apologize for it!

JerZey Girl said...

Good for you Holly! I hope you have a wonderful man or SEVERAL wonderful men to enjoy sex with ;)

Holly S said...

Yes, the special guy in my life keeps me very satisfied in that department (when I get to see him that is). You have Adam's blog on your blogroll, so you may have read a little about our fun times together.

JerZey Girl said...

His blog is very inspirational to me especially the posts that involve you. I didn't make the connection but thank you for making it for me ;)