Sunday, September 25, 2011

It Has to Start Somewhere

Oh COME ON! You all know you have had at least one in your lifetime. I have had 3 I believe. That is a respectable number in my opinion. I have had the adventure but am not on the slut level compared to most “ladies”. That’s my story and I am sticking to it!

One of my one night stands was what I refer to as “Life Changing”. This night of passion changed my entire outlook on sex from that point on and although some may consider it as sleazy as sleazy can be I am so glad it happened.

This happened a long time ago. I was separated from my Ex, and had gone back to school. I was 29 years old and although I had sexual experiences that were pleasant, I had never had mind blowing sex.

I was one of the oldest students in my class. I was dealing with mostly horney 18 year old boys. They were too cute. They used to try out their lines and their moves on me. Some of them were quite good at it. One of the standard lines was that I looked like I was 18. I was tempted on occasion to fuck one or two of them but was particularly fragile at that point in my life. I was younger and thinner back then. Although I was going through a terrible divorce and custody battle, I was strong and self confident about my appearance. You can see it in my eyes if you ever see pictures of me from back then. It was a bitter sweet time for me. I was going through a terrible time at home but never felt so good about myself physically.

So I won a scholarship for my last year of school. I was told that it was the biggest they had ever given and I was expected to attend an awards dinner. At the time I didn’t know who to ask to go with me so I asked a guy from school who was a little older. He was 25. Even though he was still younger than me I liked him. He was terribly funny. You all know that I am a whore for a guy who makes me laugh.

At one point when he and I were hanging out in the cafeteria at school I mentioned that all I wanted for Mother’s day was a “good orgasm”. Now I say that all the time but to a young guy I guess that is a stunning remark. So “Young Guy” and I got to joking around. He of course told me that if I ever wanted to hook up he could take care of my Mother’s Day wish.

I remember feeling pretty lonely back then. Flirting with the young boys at school was fun but not sexually satisfying so when Mother’s Day rolled around I did my shift at work and agreed to meet “Young Guy” at a local motel. I know SLEAZY RIGHT?

I had never done anything like that in my life. It was stupid and dangerous but I did it and it is done and it was life changing for me.

I was so nervous driving up to that motel. Part of me expected “Young Guy” not to show but when I got out of my car I saw him waiting for me in the parking lot. He had already secured a room. NICE!

I remember at the time he greeted me with a kiss as though we had been together forever. It was very natural and not at all awkward. As we rode up to the elevator he told me about his new job. He was going to be working at one of the casinos. I also asked him if he was onboard with taking me to the scholarship dinner and he confirmed.

My memory of when we first got into the room is a little fuzzy. I think we started kissing standing up and I think I said something like “I have never done anything like this before in my life.” I think he agreed that he didn’t either.

I do remember that he suggested massages. I started massaging his back as he lay on the bed. I doubt I was very good at it and I was nervous at this point so I suggested switching. He started rubbing my back and then at some point moved his hands between my legs. At this point I started to take off my clothes. I remember thinking he was pretty smooth for such a young guy. He wasn’t particularly charming. He was cute and a little overweight but he had a funny personality. That was what turned me on initially about him. I knew from the beginning that this wasn’t going to be “LOVE” and I was okay with that. I just wanted to enjoy the physical part of the evening. I wanted to have an orgasm. Up until that point I don’t believe I ever did have a proper orgasm other then masturbating. He made all sorts of wise cracks and had all sorts of expressions that were somewhat trashy but they added to the excitement of the evening.

So “Young Guy” immediately went “south”. That for me was taboo. As far as I can remember I had never received oral up to that point. I remember thinking to myself “This is so strange but it feels good.” I remember telling myself to relax and go with it because I will most likely never see this guy again after the scholarship dinner. His tongue was moving in all the right places. I couldn’t concentrate on anything other than how good his tongue felt moving in the grooves of my pussy.

At any rate this guy was keeping his word and giving me my mother’s day wish. That was when it hit me that I could get to a place in my head where I am so totally relaxed and removed that my body is accepting of these feelings. I can completely surrender to the feelings and they felt GOOD!

That first orgasm was absolutely mind blowing. I remember I needed a rest. “Young Guy” made a comment like “I am not done yet”. Poor thing thought I would leave him high and dry. I think he had some clothes of his own to take off at this point then we started kissing and when he felt hard and like he was ready I asked him if he had a condom. That was the responsible question, right? Luckily he did. I don’t remember ever putting one on for a guy before but I wanted to please him as much as he pleased me. I wanted to be sexy so I put it on in as seductive a manner as I could. “Young guy” had a big dick. I liked that. The first time we had sex was fine. It was typical. It was strictly missionary and reminded me a little of the Ex but as I was moving to his rhythm I was getting aroused again.

Young guy finished, whipped the condom off and jumped into the shower. I was hoping that we weren’t done.

When he got out of the shower he did get back into bed. We talked for a little bit but not about anything deep. He made the comment here and there “Next time I will bring ‘the toys’”. At the time I didn’t exactly know what he was talking about. I mean think about it…would you SHARE?? Um…GROSS!!

At the time I didn’t care so much what he was saying. I just wanted more. We were lying in bed. I had my back to him not because I was turned off but because I wanted him to rub my shoulders. That is another big turn on to me even to this day. “Young Guy” took the bait and we started round 2. He gave me a nudge to signify that he wanted me to give him a blow job. I was onboard but at the time I hadn’t perfected the skill. He was directing me to flip over which put us in a “69” position but I was too dense at the time to know what he was trying to accomplish. Then I realized but the problem was that what he was doing to me felt so good that I lost concentration to what I was supposed to be doing to him. Fuck it! This was my night so when he told me to “sit on my face”, I went for it. Again, a little awkward because I had no idea what I was doing. I just did what he told me to do. It was unbelievable.

It was at this point that he had turned me over into a doggie style position. I had never done this before ether. This was all very new to me but also very exciting. I remember how good he felt holding my hips and thrusting inside of me but wanting him to somehow reach around to touch my clit. I thought of touching myself but was still intimidated at this point. It was hard to believe that this guy was younger than me but had so much more experience knowledge instinct as to what to do and when.

By this time he had run out of condoms and was just pulling out. This was completely irresponsible on my part and I was conscious of it but I didn’t care. I was being completely reckless for the first time in my life and it felt good.

The doggy style thing made me crazier than ever. He pulled out and came on my back. This was so naughty that it was good to me and I needed some relief so I let “Young Guy” rest up a little then went for it again. It was awesome because all I had to do was to start kissing him and after a few seconds start rubbing his cock. This time I threw my legs over his shoulders. This was a completely different feeling. He was thrusting so deep that it “hurt so good”. I can’t describe it another way. I was in tears but in ecstasy at the same time. There was something about this guy and I just couldn’t stop. Every time he touched me I needed more. By the last time I had lost count as to how many times we had done it and how many orgasms each of us had. We were in that position with my legs up and I was feeling that painful pleasure. My legs were literally shaking.  I had to bring my legs down. At that point “Young guy” said in a very strong almost angry voice “Get them back up there!” And out of sheer exhaustion or fear or excitement I did.

I finally had to say “Uncle” and call it a night. By this time it was 4 in the morning and I had to get home. I was tired and quite frankly I was raw. I could not walk right for days afterwards. The fact that I did not get so much as a yeast infection or urinary tract infection was a miracle.

“Young guy” called me a day or two later. We were talking about getting a room after the scholarship dinner but at one point in our telephone conversation I was so tired that I literally fell asleep in the middle of the conversation.

Needless-to say “Young Guy” stood me up for the scholarship dinner. I was a little hurt at first but since I had fallen asleep on him the last time we spoke I chalked it up to him telling me he had to work and me missing that part. I survived the dinner and hold no hard feelings toward “Young Guy”. As I said before, I wasn’t looking for love. I was just looking for a Mother’s Day orgasm and that promise “Young Guy” certainly kept.

I will forever be grateful to “Young Guy” for opening my eyes to how mysterious and wonderful sex can be.

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