Monday, September 26, 2011

Get Well Soon

I am missing G today. We haven’t chatted in a while. Oh, we email here and there but we just can’t seem to get together. I know the commute is too much for him and I know he is insanely busy at work but still, I miss him.

Our emails are not dirty, they are lovely, gentle and it’s odd because G is so against falling in love with each other and yet his words are so kind and romantic which is how I remember him in bed.

Tonight I got an email from him. He has the flu. His last email was sad although lovely just the same. Who knows if we will ever meet again. See, this is what “Unsatisfied” means when he says that I am not cut out for this life. I become attached too easily. All it takes are a few kind words and I am hooked.

I know G is not reading this but I hope he is feeling better soon.

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