Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Janice the Hunter

The following is an actual experience with a co-worker during the later twenties of my life. It was during the first few months of a new business start-up that a friend and I decided to venture shortly after graduate school. I was a typical over educated engineering and science student that just completed three degrees in about seven years from an Ivy League university. Needless to say, I was that geeky analytic and although I hate to admit it, a little naive and inexperienced. My world was focused on technology and the next great product. I was driven and was looking to make my mark on the world.

My business partner was my alter ego. He was extremely out-going and always had that great story to tell about his personal experience or about someone or some woman. Mostly about some woman and they were more then stories. Since he was my roommate through our college careers, I was an eye witness to his experiences. Sometimes he even included me, but those stories are for another day.

Well, in this case it was my time to get me some. It was in the later part of the 80’s and we just started an engineering business. It was just the two of us with a good idea, self funded and no idea how to turn a good idea into a successful business. We started the business in April of 1987 and by late June we need to staff a few positions, one of which was an administrative assistance and receptionist. We simply needed someone to do some paper work, letters and answer the phone. We interviewed a lot of people and finally an industry friend recommended his sister-in-law. She was 23 years of age, blonde, looking for a new job and looking to make her mark. She was all business and always looking for her next opportunity or career stepping stone. She was the complete package with looks, brains and a drive to accomplish whatever was thrown her way.

It wasn’t long before Janice received the nick-name “Janice the Hunter”. During those years, my business partner spent most of the time selling and on the road while I spent most of my time in the office working on our software product. As a result, our admin and I got to know each other pretty well. We discussed everything from work to weekend plans to our personal lives. It turns out Janice was in a relationship with an older man. Janice the Hunters significant other was twelve years older and it seemed distracted by many things. Certainly it didn’t seem that he was distracted by Janice the Hunter since one of her major complaints was how little sex she was getting.

I know I know… You still don’t understand why we named her Janice the Hunter. Don’t worry grasshopper. It will come.

During one of our many lunch outings, Janice the Hunter was specially pre-occupied and in a bit of a foul mood. After a good amount of coaxing, she finally opened up. Janice the Hunter was having doubt about her relationship. Her significant other just wasn’t doing for her or getting it done. Is was a complete turn-on to hear this beautiful woman talk like one of my buddies about how horny she was, how she just needs to get F..ked and feel a man's hot body next to her.

She went into great detail about what her moves would be. The first thing Janice the Hunter wanted was to feel a nice strong cock in her mouth. She went on to describe how she wanted to feel the veins of a man's erect cock in her mouth and on her tongue. Hey, these were her words not mine. Next and naturally, she wanted to feel a man go down on her. She gave me the position details, how she would lock the door for 24 hours and simply F..k away. When she described what she would do with a load of cum, I could feel some drops coming out of my cock. I was loosing my mind. I had a boner that was obvious. I needed some ice to calm this one down. I was hoping that Janice the Hunter would reach under the table and simply jerk me off. Something had to be done. NASA, we have a problem.

It was like Janice the Hunter was giving me a roadmap as to how to do her even though I didn’t think there a shot of me getting close.

Well, that night all I could do is think about Janice the Hunter and take matters into my own hands. Heck, it was my obligation. She gave me the script. It would be rude and impolite to not honor her plans and rehearse the script. One thing I am, is very obedient. If someone maps out how to do them, who am I not to follow their directions.

The next day was Friday which was our happy hour day/night. This week is was just the two of us since my business partner was stuck in New York. We decided to drive together since the local watering hole was down the road a bit and I would pass the office on the way home. During our ride I asked Janice if she got F..ked since our lunch. Her response, regrettable no but she did tell me she broke out her favorite vibrator and gave it a drive trough. Again, her words…

The best part was when she told me how she thought about me while getting off. This was my chance to make my move. It was a simpler time back in the 80’s. We didn’t worry about things like “inappropriate behavior” law suits. So I want for the deep long kiss which was well received. Even I could tell since Janice the Hunter immediately grabbed my crotch and took a good strong hold of my cock. Wait, there is more good news. This week we were going to a local sports bar that was in the lobby area of a hotel.

Clearly it was time to screw the drinks and screw Janice the Hunter. We got a room as quickly as possible. It seemed like we were undressed before we even got into the room. Over the next year, Janice the Hunter and I would F..k in any and every location. The office, our favorite hotel, my home, her home, outside, in the car, the office bathroom, the adjacent office coffee room. I am sure there were other places, but the places are not as important as what we did.

I had a few firsts with Janice beside F..king in every location know to man and having regular sex with the same person for over a year. My first first was her completely shaved kitty. Remember, this was the 80’s folks so cut me a little break. I could not keep my mouth off that kitty, the lips, her clit and sticking my tongue deep inside of her pussy. Ah, she taster so good. This of course led to another first… A woman that was able to experience multiple orgasms. Wow, how wet could a woman get.

Janice the Hunter was into cum. She loved to suck cock and take the full load. She liked to take it in and swallow in rhythm as I shot it in her mouth. She loved to allow it to collect in her mouth, show it to me, and then swallow it in its entirety. She loved to let me cum in her and then feed her my cum from her pussy with my fingers. But my favorite, she loved to have me shoot my cum while she kept her mouth wide open and try to catch it all. What ever missed and hit her face she would wipe with her finger and eat it right up. This girl could give head like no other woman I had met up to that time and still puts a few to shame.

Janice the Hunter also loved to have her ass licked. There wasn’t an orifice that Janice didn’t like to have licked or penetrated. When going down on Janice the Hunter, her favorite experience was to have her clit licked while having two fingers in her pussy and one in her ass. This would make her come and seep her pussy juice almost instantly. It was a seen man, a real seen and a total experience.

Now let’s get to the real act. Janice the Hunter had a magic pussy. That pussy was so tight I had to focus on not blowing my load in the first minute of being in her. Janice the Hunter and I hit every possible position that was physically possible for the both of us. She also wanted every hole hit. She loved to have her ass F..ked as much as her pussy. She would love to lick my cock once I was in her. It was like she needed a taste test. Once again, who am I to deny any request of hers.

Writing this story has made me hard like she used to make me. I think its time to re-connect with Janice the Hunter and see what she it up to. Thank goodness for the world of the internet and Facebook.

Over the next 14 months, Janice the Hunter and I had a great time exploring each other’s bodies, desires, needs and wants. It was almost cathartic for both of us. Our experience helped Janice the Hunter get out of her dead-end and under-appreciated relationship and it helped me to see what was possible, what I had missed up until this relationship and it helped me start my library of stories.

Hopefully you will get to read a few more of them. Oh yeah, the Janice the Hunter reference. Do I really need to spell this one out? I will let you know that my business partner gave her the nick-name based on telling him of what we experienced together. Janice certainly was a Hunter. A hunter of men and what she wanted from them.

This post has been contributed by The V-Man, yet another Ashley Madison friend of mine.

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