Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Mixed Messages

I have been giving off a lot of mixed messages lately. That goes against everything I believe typically. In my work life and my family life I am professional, “smart” and decisive. In my “secret life” as XXX calls it, I am just winging it which apparently is not my forte’.

So, I am sure Top Gun is reading this morning and waiting for me to write this so here it goes. He and I well, I am not sure why but we just cannot get in sync. While I think in the long run this could make for some amazing sex I just do not have the patience to deal with the back and forth banter right now.

I surely have my hands full with XXX. He and I are friends as well as lovers and so after we make love fuck we talk. He opens up to me just like he always has. It hurts now because I am deep into him but we press on because let’s face it XXX and I will never fall in love and have the fairy tale ending so I am steadfast that I want to be his friend. I comfort him with my pussy when he needs it and I listen to him mourn the loss of his marriage and the woman that he is still in love with. I listen and encourage him to date even though every date he tells me about is like a dagger to my heart.

So when Top Gun emailed me something about one of his women and being out to dinner which I picture as a romantic dinner I thought to myself “enough is enough”. I will be a sounding board for XXX but I will not take on another man who is in love with another woman that he cannot be with. For the record this is a total party killer.

And so, I am sorry Top Gun. I know I send out mixed messages but I am sure you will find another pussy to stick your dick into and I will be a distant memory.

If “Unsatisfied” is reading this, do I make you proud? Rule number 4, I believe.


KittyCat said...

Maybe that's why I'm so fucked up
when I'm with a guy
even if it's just for a fuck
I expect them to be 100% into ME
I don't want to hear about any other

JerZey Girl said...

Just another reason I think you and I are twins who were seperated at birth!

I do listen to XXX but at least he apologizes afterwards.