Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday Project

It’s going to be a good day today. Do you know HOW I know? Because I just woke up to a text from XXX which said “Alternative” which is code for “Alternative Project” which is code for “Meet me at my place at our time”.

WHEW! When did love affairs become so damn complicated? Now most of you are thinking “Who the fuck cares, Kitty?” But as my boss “Big Cheese” likes to say, “It’s like a puzzle”.

So now I have something to think about all morning which is great because Friday at the office with “Big Cheese” can be brutal especially when I have no sex to look forward to over the weekend.

There is a lot more to that text than meets the eye. First of all XXX is adamant against texting me. In fact I texted him early in the evening and assumed that since I hadn’t heard back he was on a date or he was teaching me a lesson because he is always reprimanding me about the dangers of texting. Doesn’t he know that a good spanking is what I need?

Okay so the text can mean one of several things: 1. XXX was drinking last night which is not good for me in the bedroom this afternoon so I must be prepared for that. 2. He was out on a date last night and it didn’t go well. That can be good OR bad for me in the bedroom 3. He was out on a date last night and it DID go well. Again this can work for or against me in the bedroom. He can be so worked up over this date that he needs a release which would be me OR he can be giving me the old heave hoe as it were. 4. The last and more likely reason for the text is that XXX is calling me over for a “pity bootie call”. Is it still a bootie call if he pities ME?

Yesterday was an “off” day. Actually it was a normal work day but an off day for XXX and me. I went into his office and he was knee deep in work so I basically let him be and did my own work. That was all fine and I think he had more of a problem with it than I did. I was trying to act professional in front of the others. Okay, I was trying to act as professional as I can act which on a good day isn’t all that great.

XXX made a point of patting my arm and trying to make eye contact, again just to let me know that we were great. I like when he does that but it isn’t necessary really. I really have no problem with working and in fact it felt really good to get back to normal in the office after a few weeks of weirdness. I was thinking the whole time “When XXX and I split I will be able to handle this” and I will until he starts talking about his dates.

The pity came into play after I left work. XXX was in the midst of a conference call which I was not involved in. One of his assistants “shushed” me while he was trying to pull the call together in his office and then XXX asked me to close the door. I had no problem with any of that but it was time for me to go so I left and didn’t say goodbye which is what I would have done normally.

An hour later I got a text from XXX saying “U okay?” See, XXX has some sort of a guilt complex and I am not sure if it is his general personality or if it is this thing between us but he needn’t feel guilty. I am FINE! So that is where the pity bootie call option comes in. I am thinking XXX senses that I need sex before the weekend and in an effort to save me from the evils of Ashley Madison he has chosen to take on the chore himself.

Now, “Unsatisfied”, I know you are reading this and I KNOW you are rolling your eyes. What can I say? As you have told me a million times, I am not cut out for this life. I am “riding it out” as you said to do but I am getting a few orgasms in there while I ride. Hey, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

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