Saturday, September 24, 2011

Profanity in Bed

It may surprise some of you but I am not one to be insulted or taken a-back by profanity in bed. I am learning more and more that every man and woman has their own style in bed. Some men are gentle while others are more intense.

I also notice that a new lover is more apt to be free with the profanities than say one’s husband or a long time lover. I wonder if we build inhibitions over time with our lovers. Shouldn’t it be just the opposite?

My boss “Big Cheese” always tells me about how his girlfriend doesn’t like when he curses on a daily basis and no offense but something tells me she is a wet noodle in the bedroom.

The act of sex to me is animal like and instinctual and varies from person to person. If you are the type of woman who likes to “make love” than good for you. I for one can appreciate a gentle lover but there is something to be said about a man who wants to “fuck”. There is intensity a sense of urgency that excites me.

I enjoy receiving filthy emails in fact that is what drew me and continues to draw me to Top Gun. To see him in person you would never think that those filthy words would come out of his mouth. I am not a bit surprised by XXX because he does in fact use profanity on a daily basis outside of the bedroom. I sense that he is trying to curb that and I told him not to. I know for a fact that sex for him is a stress reliever and XXX is under a huge amount of stress at work and in his personal life so I say if it makes you feel good to call me a “cunt”, “whore” or “fucking bitch” go for it. Chances are someone early in the day already thought it but just didn’t have the nerve to say it to my face.


Holly S said...

While it would feel completely out of place in the rest of my life, I find that kind of talk in the bedroom very hot!

JerZey Girl said...

I agree. The only thing hotter is hearing G say it with an accent. Sends chills up my spine ;)