Friday, September 2, 2011

Time Management and Ashley Madison

It never ceases to amaze me how men can always pick their asses up and leave whenever the hell they want to. This is not going to be a man hater blog I just think it is hysterical that it is not just the men in my life but apparently ALL men are the same in this manner.

So a lot of men from a distance away have contacted me through AM. Okay, not A LOT…several including G. I like the idea of meeting someone that I won’t run into at the market but I do not have the luxury of driving over an hour away and then first dealing with hours in a hotel room.

Who the hell has that kind of time?!?!?! Well apparently men do because most of the men I have discussed it with do not mind making the trip.

That’s great except that I feel incredibly guilty for making them do the brunt of the travel. So what’s up with that?


Sweet Lou said...

I'm a man (last I checked) and I definitely don't have that kind of time. In fact, I keep my radius of searching to 25 miles because of the travel.

However, these guys may be salesman or travel for work often so it may not be unusual.

And definitely don't feel bad about it. if they are willing to do it, let em.

I'm not sure where in NJ you are, but after living there for 10 years, I know there are tons of DC/Philly to NY traffic and vice versa. So maybe these guys tend to be on the road alot anyway.

Marcus said...

I definitely don't think I'd have time to do that kind of distance and then spend at least a couple of hours or more in a hotel room. But, some people have the type of job that lets them do that.

If they want to spend the time then why not? Because you will definitely make it worth their time.

JerZey Girl said...

Does anybody else see the irony in the fact that I feel guilty about making these poor guys travel and not at all guilty for the act itself?

Marcus said...

Yes, I did see a bit of that but didn't really want to bring it up at risk of coming across as judgmental. But, then again 2 years is way too long to go without sex, so in the end I think everyone benefits from this arrangement, so not that much to feel guilty about.

KittyCat said...

My whole reason for checking into this site
was the reason that I was looking for someone
And I did.
20 min is perfect
and he did come to me.
But other than that
I'm done with it

JerZey Girl said...

Aw, KC you will find somebody...or SEVERAL somebodies. At least you got a new vibrator out of it ;)