Thursday, September 1, 2011


So since my AM hook-up there are all sorts of “FEELINGS” floating about. DAMN! I thought that was the whole point. Just fuck and not have feelings.

Well, I am not one of those people who can shit all over people and their feelings and move on. That’s just not my way and I hope for the same in return. Generally I don’t get it but part of this whole AM thing I am hoping will toughen me up a little bit.

So last night I was online contemplating leaving a yahoo message for G when another guy I met from AM started a chat. Let’s just call him “F” for now.

F and I had been chatting before G and me and apparently I began blowing F off right around when G and I met. This was all unintentional on my part. I am just reporting what F told me last night.

So he starts in with some filthy message. That’s fine I am unaffected by that but in all honesty his messages were redundant and beginning to bore me. So I very politely began to tell him about G and he began to freak out in a yahoo sort of way. You know like using a lot of capital letters and exclamation marks.

Bottom line is he was pissed that G got to me first. The thing I tried to explain to F was that G and I didn’t really plan on hooking up so quickly. We were supposed to meet for lunch first. F found that totally unbelievable.

He made me repeat the story over and over like he was working some sort of timeline in his head or something. He was asking me all sorts of personal questions about G which I didn’t answer of course.

I must really come off as an idiot to these guys or something.

Anyway F was pissed and let me know it. I felt bad about letting him down but when he messaged me I still had G’s scent all over me. I still tasted his cum in my mouth. Forgive me if I need a minute to re-group after an intense afternoon of sex!

I feel bad that I hurt F’s feelings. I would apologize here but F could never be bothered with reading my blog. If he is reading I want him to know that I didn’t want to lead him on. It wasn’t going to happen for us whether G was in the picture or not.

This whole business with “FEELINGS” is always so difficult for me.


DiscreteEsq said...

F probably isn't the best thing for you. He seems clingy and may ruin other relationships. I understand your feelings, but he has to understand the big picture.

KittyCat said...

Well I think it's a little creepy.
I can say that after country boy and I started talking
we both agreed to take dw our profile and just focus on each other
then we slept together

DiscreteEsq said...

KittyCat! So monogomous of you! Cheers!!!

JerZey Girl said...

Yeah, Descreet I don't know why he was so possessive. I never made any committment to him. We didn't even really talk about when we were going to get together. And you know the strap on idea of his was a little bit of a turn off for me. Not passing judgement. Just not my thing.

KC I don't think G is ready for a committment like that.

Sweet Lou said...

I left a message yesterday and it didn't make it up. Darn.

Anyway, my point was this has happened to me a few times and I was actually happy that the woman was being honest with me. One of those women has become a pretty good friend. And we've been able to share our stories with each other. Stories we can't share with anyone else.

So F needs to chill out!

JerZey Girl said...

Thanks Lou. I am glad somebody out there appreciates my good intentions. Funny thing is I am just not cut out for this lifestyle if it is all about deceipt but it is...isn't it?