Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Surprise Sex With Top Gun

It's not often that a Kitty gets a re-do with an Ashley Madison guy. I'm not sure if any of you remember Top Gun but Kitty met him way at the beginning of my Ashley Madison days...three years ago to be exact. We met for Chai at Starbucks, texted a little bit after that and then lost touch. Kitty got the impression Top Gun was trying to ditch me so I let him go. He was single at the time and Kitty of course was married to Angry Guy.

Well, the other night while Kitty was checking out the latest and greatest on Ashley Madison, I saw Top Gun logged on to the site. I emailed him immediately. Before long he emailed me and then called. We made a date to meet the next morning at the very same Starbucks and potentially a walk on the beach. He made a few comments about breaking in his hotel room. Oh yeah! Kitty forgot to mention that Top Gun commutes back and forth between the East Coast and the West so while he is in town, he is in a pretty nice hotel.

So we meet at 10:00 "SHARP" because Top Gun is a retired military guy as well as a pilot. He has his chai and Kitty splurges and orders a pumpkin spice latte and a blueberry scone. Top Gun decides to order himself a scone as well. So we chat like old friends. We recount the past three years. Top Gun's looks haven't changed at all. He is tall, dark and handsome. I later find out that he is half Portuguese. After coffee I offer to take Top Gun to the beach. Even though he has lived in the surrounding area on and off for the past three years he has yet to see my favorite beach so we go, we walk then we sit in the sun on the most gorgeous morning of the summer so far. We flirt and we begin to touch and then Top Gun kisses Kitty and suddenly we are on a date.

We decide to go back to his hotel. In the car Kitty confesses that I prefer men who use iPhone over the alternative. I'm thinking since Top Gun is using his iPhone he would appreciate my humor but he just thinks I'm crazy.

Once back at the hotel Top Gun confesses that he requests the top floor so that he can get his workout by walking the stairs and even though Kitty is way out of shape at this point I walk up four freakin' flights of stairs in the hopes of feeling Top Gun's cock inside of me.

Although breathless Kitty makes the climb and we enter Top Gun's suite. Kitty kicks off my sandals and begins to take off my jewelry. Since Top Gun was making all sorts of comments over coffee and at the beach then immediately apologized Kitty said, "You can say whatever you want to me here. Don't be shy and don't apologize."

Top Gun began to kiss Kitty. We remove each other’s clothes. Kitty exposes Top Gun's beautiful, long erect cock. He moaned the moment I touched it. After a brief conversation on the beach where Top Gun revealed that he doesn't necessarily crave oral the way most men do, Kitty opted not to suck on his cock right away.

Top Gun immediately took charge. He moved Kitty to the bed and immediately put his hard cock inside of my already wet pussy. We all know by now how much Kitty loves a man who takes charge. Top Gun worked damn hard and thrusted for a good long time taking breaths to ask a few questions. "How often do you expect to meet when I am in town? What are you going to write about me in your blog? Did you cum yet? Can I cum inside of you?"

When I explained that it would probably be okay but that I could still possibly become pregnant he asked, "Hypothetically what would happen if you became pregnant?" Now, when Kitty is being fucked especially when I am being fucked hard like Top Gun was doing, I can barely speak much less think so my answers were brief and now looking back I suppose we should sit down and discuss these questions probably with clothes on and probably without Top Gun's cock inside of me.

When Top Gun pulled his cock out of me for a brief moment I was able to slip it in my mouth. I'm thinking he decided he liked it after all since after a few short minutes of me sucking the head of his cock he asked if he could cum in Kitty's mouth. Ahh another convert.

Now something happened when Kitty was with Top Gun that has never happened to Kitty before with an AM lover. After Kitty and Top Gun both came we lay for a moment in silence. We slipped under the covers then Kitty and Top Gun curled up together in Top Gun's plush bed and fell asleep in each other’s arms.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like U met ur sex budy when he's in town and sum good sex because we all know falling asleep is good sex.