Monday, October 27, 2014

Not Out of The Game Yet

Kitty has to admit that I was feeling a little low at the beginning of the week. I had waited to hear from the Cowboy in hopes that after his awkward text he would call Kitty to reschedule our visit out to his farm. When Sunday came and went Kitty had all but given up hope. Typically Kitty makes excuses when this happens…maybe he was busy…maybe he forgot…maybe he had a terrible tractor accident and needs Kitty to nurse him back to health. But Kitty has grown over the years and in the end I was resolved to the fact that the Cowboy was simply not interested in a friendship with Kitty. Since Cowboy is a client and as Surfer Dude pointed out, “It’s unprofessional to fuck a client.” Kitty had no choice but to let it go.

There is one problem with this in Kitty’s mind. Kitty just hates the awkward silence. So as Kitty was mentally preparing to fuck Esq. I began to think. Kitty has to resolve this silence with the Cowboy and make sure we are okay as Client/Kitty.

The Cowboy’s folder is front and center on Kitty’s desk. I can’t do anything without glancing over and looking at it. I had to do some work for his brothers, sisters, mother so his name has been in my head for weeks. Kitty can’t get away from thinking about the Cowboy. So Kitty did the ultimate high school girl move. Kitty called the Cowboy under the pretense of his situation as a client.

Kitty: “Hi, it’s Kitty from ****”

Cowboy: “Hey! What’s up?”

Kitty: “Nothing. I was wondering if you’ve heard anything.”

Cowboy: “No, I thought that maybe you had and that’s why you are calling.”

Kitty: “No but we should hear something soon. Please let me know if you hear anything and I will do the same.”

Cowboy: “Okay and HEY call me on Sunday. If the weather is nice you and your daughter should take a ride to the farm. It will be a nice day.”

So Kitty’s heart…or what’s left of it took just a little leap as the Cowboy and I discussed the weather and farming and business. His voice is so sexy to me and although he uses words like “ain’t” which typically drives Kitty crazy, I can’t help but get a little wet when I think about fucking this man who is really the epitome of the American man.

Kitty does have a little confession to make and I know those of you who know Kitty in person are going to give me all sorts of shit for this but Kitty can actually see myself potentially “settling down” with the Cowboy. Kitty can almost see myself being…MONOTONOUS…MONOGAMOUS.

There is something about the simplicity of his life style that appeals to Kitty. He gets up in the morning works hard until the end of the day then eats and goes to bed. Kitty doubts the Cowboy has a computer, Ipad or any electronics other than his cell phone. All of his business dealings are done through his mother and through Kitty. He has no time for nonsense and doesn’t quite get Kitty’s humor which is abundant to say the least.

The Cowboy is the kind of man that Kitty can see spending holidays with sitting around the family dinner with his absolutely huge family which I already know quite well via telephone. Oh sure, I know. Kitty is getting ahead of myself and believe me Kitty realizes that it is highly unlikely that I will get my fairy tale ending with the Cowboy.

The good news? Kitty is not out of the game yet.

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