Friday, September 19, 2014

Naughty Kitty Private Investigator

A few weeks ago Kitty started corresponding with a new potential playmate. He's an attorney so let's call him Esq (esquire). Esq is extremely protective of his identity. Kitty is used to dealing with that and while in the past Kitty will admit that I have on occasion met men and fucked them in spite of the fact that I did not know their full names...well...those days are gone. I mean JEEZ-US make up a fake name if you want to but don't be evasive. Kitty HATES evasive.

Now Kitty is at a point where I have little or no patience for nonsense and since I have a small pool of potential playmates to play with I really don't need to waste any time on Esq. so you are asking, "Kitty why ARE you wasting your valuable time?"

Well, I will tell you. See, Kitty needs a certain type of playmate these days. Among other things Kitty needs someone strong willed. Kitty needs someone who is going to take charge in the bedroom. Now Kitty has met several wonderful men who do this but another new twist is that Kitty needs someone who I will not become attached to. Kitty is a bit vulnerable right now so I am looking for just the right match. Now you see this back and forth between Esq. and Kitty has got Kitty so totally frustrated and Esq. is being such an asshole about it by signing texts "Love Thomas Jefferson" and shit like that. Annoying right??? Well, it turns out this arrogance on Esq.'s part makes him a perfect play mate candidate right now for Kitty. Kitty hates an arrogant man and yet I get the sense that this guy is bossy in bed which is a complete turn on for Kitty.

So Esq. is going to be in town this weekend and has been taunting me over this name thing. I just can't let him get away with that. I tell most of my lovers that in the bedroom they can boss me around all they want to. They can say whatever they want to but outside of the bedroom if they say half the things they want to I'd rip them a new asshole. Since we are outside of the bedroom for the time being Kitty cannot let Esq. win this game.

So this morning at work Kitty did a little google research. Now this is exactly why Esq. did not want to give me his real name. He didn't want me to google him. Kitty had a sense that he was more important in his own mind. I didn't recognize his photos so I knew he wasn't a celebrity attorney or higher up politician. Kitty did my google search and within 5 minutes of searching his first name and where he said his office was located I found a picture of him on his firm's website. BINGO!!!!!

Kitty did just a little more research to make absolutely sure it was him. While the thought of the look on his face when he realizes I found out his real name makes Kitty wet, the thought of the huge ego boost he would get if Kitty guessed the wrong name makes Kitty desert dry.

So now that the Kitty is out of the bag so to speak Kitty needs to think of a clever way to let Esq. know that I know his real identity and that I WON...and then Kitty and Esq. can play ;)


Anonymous said...

one has to wonder does kitty remember her lovers names??...or just the good ones lol have to love the mystical world of the net...and if she would even remember me??

Naughty Kitty said...

Not only does Kitty remember names, I remember exactly how they made me cum ;)

Anonymous said...

lets see it was a cool rainy afternoon motel playdate that we warmed things up,lotta lickin an sucking an.... you on top, and from behind ..on the edge of the bed...we all left delirious lol I hope I made ya cum ????

Naughty Kitty said...

Oh I remember... and Kitty thinks of you often! Just came across some photos you had sent me. That was a good day and yes, as I remember Kitty came several times riding that beautiful cock of yours :)

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