Monday, August 1, 2011

Just Another Day in the Office

The guy who works down the hall is looking REALLY cute today. I don’t know how to describe him except that he is VERY nerdy. He’s not very tall but that’s okay. He’s got a great personality and is just SO SO nice to talk to.

His sad past gives him a sex appeal that most women probably don’t see.

I asked him to help me out with something personal today. He is in the legal profession and I had some legal questions. He took me into his small office which has no windows. He talked to me in a very professional manner and I just got more and more turned on.

Sometimes I wonder if he can read my mind. Yeah, I mean if I fucked him in that small office with no windows it would have been totally sleazy. Especially with my NOSEY co-worker listening at the door and I KNOW she was.

One of these days I would love to get a text or an email from one of these guys saying “Hey, meet me at the ‘No-tell Motel’”.

I would totally love that. I’d love to just show up and have the room all ready to go and just spend a carefree day in bed with the nerdy legal guy or one of several of our hot clients.

Ah…if only it were that simple.

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