Monday, August 29, 2011

A Story From a Discreet Lawyer

Leave it to me to make a “friend” out of a guy on the Ashley Madison website. Well it turns out he likes this blog and since we all know I am a whore for anybody who likes my blog, I agreed to post a guest blog that he has written. I think it is pretty good. What do you all think?

In college, my best friend was a red headed girl from Arkansas. We used to talk about whom we fucked and who we would want to fuck. I've always thought she was hot, but nothing ever happen until we got blasted at a 70s party. I drove her to her apartment, which was in the same building as my apartment. We both went our separate ways. She called me and blatantly stated she wanted me. She came over and told me she has always wanted to make me cum. She was wasted, I was wasted, I was all for it. She got me hard. She took off all her clothes. I loved seeing her red landing strip. It was kind of strange because I wanted to fuck, but she only wanted me to cum. She got lotion out of my roommate's bathroom (he was sleeping). She jerked me off for hours, taking pictures of my cock with lotion on it. When I was about to cum, she stopped jerking me off and started to describe it. She was saying things like,” the veins are so hot” and how much she “loved the curve of my cock”. I mean the things she was saying was hotter than her hand job. She adored my cock's veins. She kept telling me how my cock's curve would make her feel great. I wanted to fuck so hard, but she wouldn't let me. After what seemed like hours, I thought it was over. It wasn't close. She made me a cock ring out of a rubber band! When the sun came up, she started to feel tired and I was starting to feel pain. She took the cock ring off, I thought I would come, but I really wasn't close. As she slowly jerked me off she kept saying things like, “I am going to slowly milk the cum out of you... I love the vein on the side of your cock.” Even though I was nowhere near to cumming, she kept putting her thumb over my penis to block whatever was going to cum out. She slowly milked me until cum finally came out. It dripped and she took pictures of the cum on my cock. She kept talking about my cum covered, veiny, curved cock. I kept cumming. It was incredible. I have never realized how much I could cum. She left and my dick hurt for weeks. A few months later she brought up my cum covered cock and how she got the pictures back. We looked at them and laughed at ourselves. We hooked up one more time. I ate her out and she made me cum a lot faster. We never fucked. Man, I would love to run into her!

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KittyCat said...

That was sooo fucking h o t
totally turned me on
I am soo wet after reading this
thanks for making my day
you dirty dirty boy