Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Cum and Get It

I think about him more and more. The fact that he sends me pictures of his rock hard dick only make my mind wander more. I think about where and how we would meet. He would come to me, down where I live. I don’t need romance but today I think we should meet and talk first. Maybe we can sit on the beach…in our clothes at first. I already know from his pictures that his body is downright beautiful. There doesn’t seem to be an ounce of fat. Not that it matters but just the idea of being able to run my hands over every inch of his body makes me wet.

I can picture us lying on a blanket on the beach clothed and talking. After so many online chats we are finally talking in person. It is late afternoon so we decide to go for a bite to eat. I take him to my favorite restaurant in town. I eat lightly and refrain from drinking. I want to keep my wits about me. We talk some more over dinner but never delve into any deep subjects.

At one point he grabs my hand at the dinner table. He rubs his thumb on the inside of my palm which makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end and my nipples get hard. He smiles at me with his very warm smile and his eyes have a certain twinkle that let me know that tonight we will be together.

After dinner we walk slowly on the beach holding hands. He stops for a moment and pulls me toward him. He leans down to kiss me gently at first then more intense running his tongue in my mouth. My knees begin to buckle.

He pulls me even closer and says “Let’s go back to my room”. When he decided to come to town I gave him the option of staying with me or getting a room. He opted for the hotel and I agreed thinking it would be a good out just in case things didn’t work out with us. Things were heating up and the room would serve a different purpose, a better purpose.

When we got to the room he immediately began undressing me without kissing me at first. He unbuttoned my blouse and I let it fall to the floor. He tugged firmly at my short skirt which I immediately slid out of also leaving on the floor. This left me in panties and a bra with a set of platform pumps. He took a short step back and looked at my body which made me extremely self conscious.

I looked him in the eyes and kissed him then slid down on my knees to undo his jeans. I pulled them down just enough to release the monster that was growing inside of them. His cock was enormous. It was the biggest that I had ever seen and even more beautiful in person than the pictures he sent me over the internet.

 I couldn’t help myself. I immediately rapped my lips around him and took his entire cock slowly into my mouth. I heard him sigh slightly as I ran my tongue around the head of his dick and then up and down the shaft. He began to pulse in and out ever so slightly keeping the rhythm very slow and steady.

He pulled me up off of my knees and led me to the bed. We lay facing each other kissing while he ran his hands up and down my sides and around my back unfastening my bra with extreme dexterity.

He rolled over on top of me as I unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it off of him exposing his beautiful, flawless upper body. I ran my hands over his chest and around his nipples. His hands were between my legs peeling my black silk panties off once again without effort.

He kicked his jeans off and we were finally touching flesh to flesh. I was warm and wet and wanted him inside of me. He was teasing me kissing my lips then running his tongue around my nipples and sucking my breasts.

I couldn’t help myself. I pushed him onto his back and rolled on top of him. He was plenty hard so I held onto his dick firmly. I began to put him inside of me just up to the edge of his head then stopped. I pulled him out and did it again. The third time he forced himself inside of me. I groaned with pleasure. We were finally here after months and months of imagining it…chatting about it and wondering how it would be.

I was moving with him inside of me. I was kissing him as he grabbed my ass trying to get even deeper. I felt like I was going to explode. He sat up slightly and grabbed my breasts one by one sucking each one ever so gently as I continued to move to our rhythm.

Before I knew it he grabbed my hips and started rocking me harder and faster. I bent over one last time to kiss him and we both groaned in ecstasy.

I couldn’t move at first. I was paralyzed my legs still shaking with pleasure. I lay on top of him for a few moments with my head on his chest. I could hear his heart pumping and gradually slowing down.

I rolled off of him and lay beside him then he pulled me closer, buried his head in my hair breathing in my scent. “You smell good”, he said. “You FEEL even better than I imagined,” he added.

We fell asleep in each other’s arms just long enough to regain our strength for the next round.


KittyCat said...

Wow who is this guy and what do he do with
my friend?

Ps I think u should share the cock photos

I mean friends share right :)

JerZey Girl said...

Make sure to check out the blog for HNT.