Monday, August 22, 2011

Fuck Me Baby!

Back when I was a girl, I wanted a boy to “make love to me”. Now, 20 and 30 years later I just want to FUCK. The nastier the better in my opinion.

You say,” I need to be used....I've been craving being used as a fuck toy honestly”

And I say,”DAMN! Wish I could help you out with that”

You say,”I'd KILL to cum in you”

And I respond,”Oh that would be fun”

You say, “But you need to do one thing

Talk dirty....I mean like...OMG dirty hot”

So I say, “Like tell you that I want you to fuck me hard?

Like, fuck me hard baby!"

 You add, “Yes...and like "fuck FUCK yes...put that hot cum in my pussy it"

Stuff like that. I want you to lose yourself in sexual greed ok?”

I admit, “I am a total whore in the bedroom.”

You seem to like that. when eating you ok...I will not stop till you cum in my mouth...and you say ‘don’t fucking that cum FUUUCCCCK YES!!!’ ok?”

Bottom line is this turns me on now.


Marcus said...

Yes, that was fucking hot!!

KittyCat said...

I have always been like that. Love the dirty talk.
unfortunately the sportsman never talks to me like that.

: ( so sad really

Advizor54 said...

you have to be able to speak your mind, very hot indeed.