Monday, May 7, 2012


It's interesting to go back and read these posts from not quite a year ago. This is a re-post about XXX from before we started our affair. It's interesting...

I have been thinking about fucking my boss lately. Am I the only one who does this? Fantasize, I mean, not fucking my boss. It is purely fantasy not an actual possibility.
He has his own charm that not all women find attractive. He is somewhat pompous and I can see where he would be arrogant but with me he is pretty cool.

The funny thing is that he is not particularly hot or in great shape. He just does it for me I guess. I just have a tendency to look at him and think “I wonder how he would be in bed”.

I wonder if he would be aggressive and forceful like he is at work or would he be a big pussy? I am thinking forceful. I like that.

I wonder if he is wild and likes to try new things or if he is strictly “missionary”. I am thinking based on stories he tells me about his wife pushing him away and denying him sex that a woman like me would kill him.

I wonder if he is kind and romantic after sex or if he is the kick you out of bed type of guy. I am thinking romantic but I can’t get a read.

I wonder what else comes along with it like is he a gift giver or does he like to go to the beach. Not that I would fuck him for money but he’s got a lot and what the fuck?! It wouldn’t kill him to share a little with me!

Occasionally we discuss sex and lack thereof but since he is the boss he is painfully aware of his position and would never jeopardize our professional relationship.

So for now I go into work a few days a week and wait for him to close the door to his office. I wait for him to grab me and force himself on me for the sake of it.

I wait for him to tell me that he has found the love of his life or that he has gotten back together with his wife who he so lovingly refers to as “Cunt” so that my fantasy remains just that…a fantasy.


1manview said...

Sometimes that's the best for a fantasy.. To stay a fantasy ..

Naughty Kitty said...

Yeah...well...that would have been good advice back in September. In all honesty I wouldn't trade my affair with XXX for anything. We are closer friends than ever and that sexual tension is no longer a problem...for me at least.