Thursday, May 10, 2012

Kitty's Rainy Day

It's rainy here where I am. Nothing makes Kitty friskier than an afternoon tucked away in a hotel room with a hot guy. So, yes...that's what I did today. Who's the hot guy you want to know? Okay, well if I tell you do you promise not to yell at Kitty? Keep in mind that Kitty has been having a bit of a rough time lately. The way things ended with T-Bone did not sit well with me. I am not an ugly, hateful person and for all of his faults T-Bone was very sweet to me most of the time.

So the other day when I was driving to work like I have done hundreds of times before, I texted T-Bone. "Do you ever think about me?" I just had to know. I had a pretty good idea of what happened that night with Mrs. Mean as a Snake T-Bone but a part of me needed to know for sure. I hadn't heard back from T-Bone right away which as I told Tori could mean one of two things. Either 1. he really DIDN'T think about me anymore or 2. He was on a trip and wasn't getting texts. After about an hour I just assumed I wouldn't hear from him. I went about my day and somewhere in the later afternoon I got a text back "All the time". See, now that's the T-Bone that melts my heart. He was just returning from Europe. After a few texts back and forth and a quick phone call we decided to try to meet this afternoon. I really didn't expect him to make it and I refused to get my hopes up until around 11:30 when he texted me and said things looked good.

Now when Kitty is expecting to meet someone, I totally get my head in the game so when that play date gets cancelled Kitty is very disappointed and "backed up" for lack of a better expression.

There were some tense moments like when T-Bone said he was driving 95 miles an hour to get here. Sure enough he got pulled over. Later he told me he told the cop he was on his way to meet Naughty Kitty for a playdate and the cop let him go. Can you imagine? Is it wrong that that is a turn on to Kitty?

So as our plan came together Kitty was more and more excited. There is something nice about meeting someone you have already been with for a second time. We did not talk about what had happened over the past few weeks until later. T-Bone did tell me that he read that blog that I wrote about him. I had no idea that he reads my blog. When I read that post over I felt that it was harsher about Mrs. Mean as a Snake T-Bone but T-Bone took it to heart.

T-Bone immediately got undressed as did Kitty and damn if T-Bone didn't show me what I was missing.

In the midst of pounding me from behind T-Bone said "Are you going to write about this tonight?" I told him I would. I owe it to him. He read my other posts. The posts that I had written in anger and hurt and although I meant every word at the time I am greatful that T-Bone put his feelings aside for a few hours of playtime with Kitty. And so, on this rainy afternoon Kitty is content and relaxed and happy after  an afternoon playdate with T-Bone once again.


WestsideTori said...

Well, I guess that answered my question! I'm happy if you're happy and still keeping my fingers crossed. He'd better be a good boy this time or he is going to have to deal with Ms Very Pissed Off Tori!

And what was XXX's reaction to all this?

Naughty Kitty said...

Well Tori, I am "content" at this moment. Still enjoying the relaxation from yesterday's sex. I have not told XXX yet but I am sure his reaction will be the same as yours. As long as I am happy he is happy for me. P.S. T-Bone is adamant about me seeing others.

Same sassy girl said...

Yay T-Bone! Oh... I am so happy to hear this. Yay Kitty!