Monday, May 28, 2012

Writer's Block

Wow! Kitty is totally bumming out! I have had writer’s block lately and it makes me sad and a little anxious. When Kitty gets anxious I EAT. That’s not good. Kitty needs to lose weight not gain it. I have a crazy week ahead. The holiday really fucks things up. Big Cheese is supposed to go out of town. I was looking forward to that but if I don’t have any writing to do then what’s the point? Although I would like to touch base with the therapist down the hall who was flirting with me not too long ago. She likes to talk to me about “Shades of Grey”. I’d love to have lunch with her and just pick her brain about a few things. Isn’t it funny how you can go from avoiding someone to being completely enamored by them?

Tonight I made dinner to surprise Angry Guy. He was happy. I like when he is relaxed about us. It makes getting away so much easier. I am meeting Hammer this week…again. I haven’t been with anybody since our last fuck session.

G is trying to get me to meet him but Hammer is making it happen. To me that’s the difference between a guy who MAY get to fuck me and one who definitely WILL.

Hammer knows just how to touch me. He is gentle and kind and feels oh so good inside of me. I can’t wait to see him again. I can’t wait to FEEL him. I considered bringing a sexy nighty to change into. I wonder if Hammer would like that.

I can’t wait to see what Hammer has up his sleeve for our visit. Has he been thinking about me? I received one or two emails this weekend. I don’t mind that. Too much texting and too many emails can be dangerous and Hammer is always busy on the weekends.

T-Bone is traveling this weekend and he has really been keeping a low profile. In fact I hadn’t heard from him at all since our last visit. I emailed him and asked if he was okay and if he was angry with me. I couldn’t imagine why he would be but things after that thing with his wife were so strange. We really only discussed it briefly. Anyway after I emailed him and asked if he was angry at me he emailed back “GOD NO!” I love emails like that. I tried to describe it to Tori but it is difficult to describe how just one short email can make me happy.

Did I mention I am seeing Hammer this week? I am sure a good fucking will make me happy as well.

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Anonymous said...

"Enamored" Now there's a word I've never heard of or would use... Interesting, you writers and ur vocabulary. Thank God for Webster's Abridged Dictionary... :)