Saturday, May 5, 2012

Playing for the Other Team

 Kitty has never dipped my toe into the old lesbian pool. Oh there have been times when I have offered it up to Angry Guy. He refused….I know…I know.

It has never been something that I have had a strong desire to try but lately Ben has been talking about it and I have been thinking about it and writing about it in our new project.

So this morning one of the therapists down the hall pulled me to the side to tell me something. She and I have a bit of a history. Initially she didn’t give me the time of day. I would say “hello” to her in the halls and she would glare at me. She scared me.

Don’t ask me why but one day I had to bring my kids into the office. She ran into my daughter in the kitchen and from that point on she has been very friendly to me. It turns out she is pretty cool for a therapist. She also happens to be very attractive.

Yesterday something was going on in the building and I made a derogatory comment to the therapist about the building manager in the ladies room. This morning I ran into her and she pulled me off to the side to reiterate how useless the building manager is. She was looking at me running her eyes up and down my body. I realized that I had taken my jacket off and was wearing a black bra and camisole. I explained that I took my jacket off because I was hot. She agreed and showed me that she was wearing a black camisole as well but wanted to remove it. Kitty of course made a joke about making more money if she DID remove that cami. We laughed and joked a little about making more money. I threw in a comment about our Little Latino Helper and how I offered him a job as my “house boy”. She laughed and made an inappropriate remark about him and about how well built and handsome he is.

The thought occurred to me that she was flirting with me. Maybe she was and maybe she wasn’t. We joked inappropriately as women friends do for a few seconds more and then she said “I don’t know what has gotten into me. I started reading this book called ’50 Shades of Grey.’” I smiled and told her that I loved the book. She said “Are you going to read the next two?” I said “yes” enthusiastically. She gave me a long stare and a knowing smile.

Her patient walked in and I turned to go back to my office thinking, “Hmmmm maybe…”


Anonymous said...

So then break the ice... Next time when ur talking step into her comfort zone, as to talk softly, put one hand on her sholder blade, slowly pull yourself into her and let one breast touch into her as you finish your little sentence, then step back out of her comfort zone and see what happens.


Ben said...

Well, Kitty, the thought of you in a black lace bra and camisole heats me up. Looking forward to the photo ;-)

Naughty Kitty said...

Hammer...I know what you are thinking and it's. NoT going to happen. Ben I am working on it.