Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Big Guns

One thing that does not turn Kitty on which you would think WOULD turn me on is GUNS. They scare the SHIT out of me. So when T-Bone was getting dressed the other day and showed me his gun and that it was loaded all I could think of was “What the fuck happens if that gun goes off in your pants and shoots your DICK off?!?!?!”

Oh, I know, I know there are safety latches and whatever on those guns. I don’t know and I don’t WANT to know. All I know is that they scare me whether they are loaded or not.

The turn on to me is that T-Bone handles the guns with the same hands that he handles me. Those fingers that are inside of my pussy were wrapped around a gun just hours before. The pictures I have seen of him with guns don’t turn me on. The sight of him holding the gun doesn’t turn me on but the thought of his hands all over me after touching one of those guns, yes…THAT is the turn on for Kitty.

Kitty is a complicated woman.


Anonymous said...


Kind of new here, is T-bone a cop or something?

Being a good Canadian boy, I'm not a big fan of guns in general cause they aren't as prevalent in our culture.

Criminals, cops and hunters are really the only ones who have them up here.

Naughty Kitty said...

EXCELLENT question, Pony! I can't divulge specifically what he does but if you go back and read my post "Cool Jobs" from March 14th hopefully that will shed some light.

Anonymous said...

Or you could save me the trouble and just tell me... kidding.

I will check it out... thanks.

I hope he doesn't blow his dick off by the way.

Naughty Kitty said...

If I told you and he caught wind of it he might tie me up and torture me...on second thought ;)

He was making fun of me yesterday because of my reaction when I saw the gun and I pretty much said to him "Babe, if you shoot your dick off I can't be your friend anymore." ;)

Anonymous said...

Ok I figured it out. It can be one of two things in my mind, and I will leave it at that - good enough.

Always good to respect others privacy.