Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Hammer's Inspiration

Ahhhh…so now the holiday weekend is finally winding down my very special friend Hammer has been in touch. He read my blog about writer’s block and without even trying has managed to give me some inspiration.

Can I just mention that while all of you slept in and were off to your BBQ’s Kitty was at work with Big Cheese? Yes, I decided to bite the bullet and work a few hours so that the rest of my week wasn’t thrown off. Kitty has play dates ya know!

So I was feeling a little lonely and a little frisky last night so I decided to shoot a naughty email out to Hammer.

Hi Baby,

I've been thinking about you all day. I can't wait to see you this week. I can't wait to feel your rock hard cock inside of me again. Do you think we can get you rock hard again like the other day?

What would you like me to do to get you there baby? Did you like the way I sucked your cock? If there is something I can improve on let me know. I want to make you happy baby.

Have a great night


This morning I woke up to this…

Hey Honey,

Ditto, lol.... Yeah I was thinking that when we got to the room we'd kiss first as we were stripping down and then you'd get on your knees and suck my cock as I run my hands through your hair and grab the back of your head and thrust my cock in and out of your mouth until I can't take it any more. Pull out, take you to the bed and go down on you until I get you all wet and horny, Then put on the rubber and fuck each other for awhile, having you on top riding me. then venture off to doggie style, lube up your ass and fuck your ass and blow my load into you. For starters......

At work today? Gotta call [hotel] today and make arrangements.

I'll be in touch, Have a good day Baby, xoxoxoxo

Now first let me apologize to Hammer for cutting and pasting his exact words but can you see why I get so turned on?!!?! Okay, maybe some of you find this kind of brash but this type of filthy email is exactly what get’s Kitty’s motor running, especially when I have already been with Hammer and know exactly what his touch feels like. I love the way he calls me “Honey” then talks like I am his dirty little slut. Hammer knows this too so maybe he wrote the email that way on purpose.

 Hammer and I sent a few more emails until I finally had to get some work done. Kitty was red in the cheeks and Big Cheese wanted to know “WTF?!”

I know, it takes very little to turn Kitty on but at the end of my work day today there will be a “Happy Ending” Hammer has all but guaranteed it.


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Ah... nothing like a hot email exchange! :)