Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Kitty has a new cyber friend Parker. Parker is a young buck and although he assures me he is not a Jack-hammer fucker I still think he is too young for this old tired kitty…just kidding but yes, he is younger than the men I like to have sex with.

Parker is loads of fun to play with online though. We chat about all sorts of things. He is always asking Kitty probing questions. At one point in our conversation yesterday I made a comment about having different standards for lovers than I do for husbands.

Parker’s response was “so tell me, what are you standards for a lover and what are they for a husband”. And a blog post was born.

My answer:

For a husband: educated, professional, must be able to make me laugh (that is my biggest turn on), loyal, faithful (get the irony), must have good teeth and nice eyes, and for husband #3 MUST BE EXCELLENT IN BED.

For a lover: Clean, Considerate, interested and somewhat skilled in bed.

Parker got a kick out of my list but it’s not too far off. What do your lists look like?


WestsideTori said...

A lover only needs to be "somewhat" skilled in bed?!
I mean, Kitty, then what's the point?

Anonymous said...

Here's my thought, "Wife" a Lady in the Living room, a Cook in the Kitchen, and a Whore in the Bed room.
"Lover" a Sexy Looking Lady in Public and a Slut in the Hotel room.


Naughty Kitty said...

Tori, this is a topic that certainly needs further discussion. My point is really that in my experience sometimes I am only meeting these men once or so before we actually sleep together. That connection that makes sex mind blowing for me comes over time with some men.

Hammer, you and I are on the same page and by the EXCEED my standards.

Ben said...

Kitty - A agree with Tori. A lover needs to bring a smile to your lips when you think of him. A lover needs to make you laugh, to feel that you are that special person for those moments you are together.

Ben said...

To take an old joke. What's the difference between a mistress, a whore, and a wife? (sorry, this is not a feminist-approved joke).

A lover purrs, wistfully, "Are you done ... already?"
A whore says, harshly, "Are you done already?"
A wife says, "I think I'll pain the ceiling beige."

Kitty, the lover needs to be excellent.

Ben said...

And the French witticism is that you need: Un amant pour le chic, un mari pour le choc, Un vieux pour le cheque.

Naughty Kitty said...

Okay noted. Maybe mention that to my stalker.