Thursday, May 31, 2012

So Much More

It is a beautiful sunny day and you and I sneak away for an hour rendezvous. Of course we want it to be longer but we steal what we can. You are dressed casually in jeans and barefoot as you greet me. It is so sweet that you walk out to greet me every time we meet. We enter the room and talk briefly. Once again you have gotten me a gift. God you are thoughtful.

I whisper “thank you,” and begin kissing you. You are so gentle as you kiss me. I begin to melt into you as we stand just kissing. It’s comfortable and familiar. The urgency to tear our clothes off and fuck is not there today. Oh, we will get there but first let’s enjoy this moment. I can feel that you are beginning to get hard. God your cock is beautiful when it’s hard. I try to take my time although the need to have you inside of me is urgent.

We slowly undress and as we briefly discussed I kneel down in front of you and take your beautiful hard cock in my mouth. I begin to lick the head then take the entire thing into my mouth until you touch the back of my throat. I move you in and out of my mouth. I feel your hands on my head and in my hair and take your lead. You set the rhythm baby. You lead the way.

We climb up on the bed and I cannot resist the urge any longer. I have to have you inside of me. You don’t fight me this time. You let me climb on top of you. We move together and you feel so good inside of me. You know I will cum and insist we don’t stop until I do.

I watch your face as I ride your cock. I try to concentrate on all of the sensations that I feel from the waist down but I take a moment to look at you. Your eyes are closed. You are smiling. “What are you thinking about?” I ask.

“Your pussy is so hot and wet and you feel so good,” you reply. Good answer.

How on earth did we manage to find each other? We are two people looking for great sex but I have somehow managed to find so much more.


Anonymous said...

Yes You felt soooooo Goooood and the clock was ticking. I like to take my time, sry...


Naughty Kitty said...

No apologies, Baby. I'm glad we had the little time we did. It was amazing. xoxox