Friday, May 11, 2012

Morning Alone

Kitty is alone in the office today. Big Cheese was called out of town for a family emergency. Poor Big Cheese. He’s had a rough winter as far as personal problems go. So Kitty is holding down the fort and trying to catch up on some writing.

I was going to write about XXX. He was driving me CRAZY yesterday. I am beginning to think maybe he has lost his mind. I had a rough enough morning with Big Cheese and his distractions then XXX went off on some tirade about Building 7 in the whole “9/11” situation. He made me listen to all sorts of broadcasts and interviews with people who were trying to say that Building 7 collapsed as a result of some sort of conspiracy.

After a few hours I finally told XXX I was leaving and would be back another day. There are some great perks that come along with working with the guy you used to fuck and are now friends with. I definitely embraced one of those perks yesterday.

So here I sit trying to catch up on all the writing and emails that I have been negligent in dealing with.

Oh! And yes…I am anticipating my meeting with Hammer. Yes Hammer, I am thinking about you. I am thinking about us. That first encounter can be so wonderful. I am hoping that it will be wonderful with Hammer. He is very sweet and we all know that Kitty feels the need to reward those who are sweet to me. So here’s to Hammer and Kitty having a fun filled afternoon together.


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Same sassy girl said...

I was going to say "Get a room you two" but it sounds like you already have! Yay! I wish I had a hammer... I'd hammer in the morning...I hammer in the evening...all over this land! la la la...

WestsideTori said...

Girl power! Now that's what I'm talkin' 'bout! They both know there's competition out there and they'll have to up their game to keep Kitty interested--do you hear me guys?