Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother’s Day at Naughty Kitty’s House

I’ve been having a lot of conversations with XXX lately about gift giving. In the midst of his separation he has bought his wife several pairs of Ugg boots, a family trip to Florida which he was supposed to go to and she asked him not to at the last minute, as well as an Ipad for Valentine’s Day. Can I tell you how aggravating it is for me to watch her shit all over him when he keeps GIVING and GIVING to her?

So he and I talk about the gift thing a lot especially in light of Mother’s Day. The other day he texted me and asked what the EX does for me for Mother’s Day. I told him that the Ex didn’t want to give me gifts when we were married so he sure as hell doesn’t give them to me now! I recommended that XXX have his son make his cunt wife a card and call it a day. He said that’s what he was going to do but who wants to bet he ran out last minute and bought her something extravagant?

The other day he asked if Angry Guy or the Ex bought me flowers when my kids were born. I knew for sure that the Ex had because there was a whole drama surrounding the flowers and his mother ended up killing them. I think but can’t remember if Angry Guy did or not for our first son but I am sure he didn’t when our last was born. Okay, get to the point KITTY! My point is that I am not one for extravagant gifts. Don’t get me wrong, if I receive them and the sentiment is there then I certainly appreciate them but for Kitty it’s all about the thought.

Of course I love flowers but I often tell Angry Guy not to buy them because the thought of him spending $100 or more on something that is going to die in a few days drives me crazy. Let’s not forget this is OUR money he is using. This Mother’s Day all I wanted was a kindle gift card. I just needed a $10 or $20 card. Angry Guy splurged and bought a bigger one. He also bought me some of my favorite candies and a really really sweet card. Those are the things that make Kitty happy. Kitty didn’t expect expensive jewelry or anything like that. If I want something, I ask for it. If I say I don’t want anything I mean it.

Men are not mind readers. I learned that from a therapist long ago. I do have to mention that Hammer brought me chocolates when we met for lunch. The thought melted Kitty’s heart. So to all of you out there who think expensive gifts are the way to a woman’s heart, you may be wrong at least not where Kitty is concerned. And if there are any women out there who disagree with me out there, well…


Anonymous said...

I understand about giving gifts to your wife and her shitting on them. Every holiday when I give the wife a gift she either takes it back to the store or throws it in the floor of her closet. I bought her a 3/4 ct diamond ring for our wedding anniversary several years ago and it is in the console of her car. She has not even brought it in the house after giving it to her when we went out. Her Christmas present last she gave away. The year before that she took it back. The digital picture frame I bought 5 years ago is in her closet floor never even opened.

Anonymous said...

Unless you are super wealthy I don't think expensive gifts are worth it.

It sends the wrong message in my opinion. It basically says that you are attaching a $$ figure to the value of the person or the relationship.

So if she is worth an ipad on Valentine's Day what is she worth on her birthday? What if it is a milestone birthday does she get an imac?

I'm guessing your friend's gifts get shit on because she doesn't respect the purchases. I like your suggestion about having her son make a card and leave it at that.

Naughty Kitty said...

John, I am sorry about that. Some women are just awful and completely ungrateful.

Pony, I totally agree that's why I give XXX the riot act every chance I get about those damn Ugg boots and the ipad.