Saturday, May 12, 2012

Talk the Talk

Kitty has a little problem. I can’t seem to get past it and I really really want to. Kitty has tried and tried but whenever I try, it just doesn’t come out right. I am talking about dirty talking in bed. I know. You are saying “Kitty, what the fuck? You write such filthy things. It’s just a matter of saying them out loud.”

I seriously don’t know what the problem is. I know dirty talk is a turn on to the men I am with especially T-Bone. I can literally feel his dick grow when I manage to muster up a few filthy words but alas, I am completely unable to keep it up or think of original phrases to say.

I mean I’ll start to say “Fuck me! Fuck me hard!” but then he does and I lose my concentration. I begin to feel his cock inside of me and think of how good it feels. I hear his heavy breathing and his balls slapping up against my ass and I can’t even think clearly.

So, what’s a Kitty to do? I mean this IS an integral part of the fucking process isn’t it?


WestsideTori said...

Kitty, you crack me up! You are over-thinking what to say instead of just saying what you're feeling, that's all. I know you can do it!

both.hands.please said...

Just relax and let your imagination run wild a bit Kitty. Don't think about it too much. Looking into a mans eyes and talking dirty to him before and while performing sexual acts is definitely a turn on.. for most men I'd say.

If you need any practice Kitty...

Anonymous said...

I second what WST said...

If you want to get really analytical, just stick to what is going on and what it is doing for you.

"When you.... it feels..."

Or what you want "I really want you to...."

Have fun.