Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Kitty's Specialty

This morning I woke up thinking about The Client. We never ended up getting together. He is in the midst of his busy season, some project that could make him millions of dollars and of course his wife’s illness. In light of all that Kitty has moved away from the light so to speak. The Client and I have very little reason to talk on the phone now. He mostly needs to talk to Big Cheese.

I mentioned to The Client during one of our naughty chats that his voice drives me wild. It does and it always has. I can’t describe it. It’s raspy and there is just something about him that makes me think of Bruce Springsteen…only he’s not as handsome as Bruce and doesn’t have a body like Bruce…or Bruce’s talent…or money. But he DOES wear jeans! So the voice and the jeans are what are doing it for Kitty with The Client.

The Client is a naughty naughty boy. He’s a rule breaker. Other than the boundaries of my marriage Kitty is not a rule breaker by nature. So The Client gets himself into all sorts of trouble which of course is why he is one of Big Cheese’s clients in the first place.

When we began naughty chatting The Client began calling me on my personal cell phone. I knew when the phone rang and I saw his name that he wanted some TLC from Kitty. Then he began calling my cell for work purposes. I don’t really have a problem with that except 1. Most of the times I didn’t have his records in front of me and could not help him.2. The reception on my cell sucks, especially in my office. 3. Big Cheese wanted to know why the hell he was calling my personal cell!

So I mentioned to The Client that it would be a good idea to call my office land line for work purposes and keep my personal cell for naughty purposes. The Client of course translated this into a rule which of course he vowed to break so we went through a little period of time where he seemed to be calling my cell for the sole purpose of torturing me knowing that Big Cheese did not like it. Oh, and maybe because he knows damn well that the sound of his voice makes my panties moist and he figures if he is all worked up and horny I should be too.

The other day Big Cheese and I were working in our respective offices. Big Cheese had a dirt bag client in his and the door was shut. The client in Big Cheese’s office happens to be a direct competitor with The Client. Sure enough The Client called me on my cell. I had given up trying to tell him not to call my cell for work purposes. We were discussing his work and the update on his new potentially multi-million dollar deal. Another thing I love about him is that he always promises to take me with him. Now Kitty knows this is never going to happen but The Client always charms me by saying “Kitty, when this deal breaks you and I are going to [some tropical island]. I’ll surf all day and you can hang at the beach then we can fuck all night.” Sounds heavenly doesn’t it?

So The Client was telling me about this big deal and he was getting all worked up. Then he said “I need to relax! Any ideas how I can do that?” Well you just know what a statement like that does to Kitty!

I had to compose myself because let’s not forget I WAS at work! I wanted so badly to go naughty with this chat but knew I couldn’t so I mustered the strength to restrain my sexy voice and said “Well…that happens to be my specialty.” The Client chuckled and of course said “I have to make the time Kitty.” And of course Kitty agreed but deep down knows it’s not going to happen. That’s okay. I have come to terms with it and I know that The Client would break my heart along with breaking all the rules.

The Client and I had to end our conversation sadly. I could listen to his raspy voice all day. A few minutes later Big Cheese’s dirt bag client emerged from Big Cheese’s office. On his way out he walked past me, turned back, took a few steps toward me and said “I just GOTTA know. WHAT’s your ‘specialty’?” Kitty just smiled my naughty smile and the dirt bag client smiled back then went on his way.

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