Sunday, May 20, 2012

Angry Guy's Day Off

Today is Angry Guy’s day off. On his days off I like to have a bit of a leisurely morning. I go to the gym, walk the dog then shower and get ready for work. He generally will make me breakfast and help deal with the kids. It’s the moral support I enjoy. I CAN do it all myself but SHIT! He IS their father…RIGHT?!?!?!

So on Angry Guy’s days off he has his OWN agenda which I assure you has nothing to do with helping me out. When he informed me that he “had a lot to do” and I would be on my own with the kids I wasn’t surprised but yes, I was annoyed. We go through this every week and it generally starts a “fight”. Not a knock down drag out fight but a “You are not getting sex now” fight. I can set a clock by it and by the way Kitty is NOT the one denying the sex.

The last time I fucked Angry Guy was my birthday. He acted like he was doing me a favor and in all honesty I don’t remember cumming. That is RARE for Kitty. Ask Hammer. I lost count the other day when I was with him. See, that’s the trouble with prowling. There always is someone out there that is bigger and better in bed. Once you know that, it is hard to go back to plain old mediocre married sex.

I am going to let you all in on a little secret. Since fucking T-Bone and now Hammer, I don’t even WANT to fuck Angry Guy Should I tell him that? Then maybe we can all just relax and there is no need for the weekly bickering on his day off.

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Anonymous said...

Never go to bed mad. Stay up and fight.