Monday, May 21, 2012

Freaked Out Kitty

Kitty is a little freaked out today. A local radio personality was brutally murdered in her own home the other day. She lived in a rather exclusive neighborhood so it is pretty obvious that it wasn’t random and now of course all fingers point at the husband. Nothing to be freaked out about…right?

So yesterday my son came home from work and was telling me that her funeral was yesterday. He said some of the people he works with went to the funeral and the husband was saying some crazy things in the Eulogy. Then my son made a comment about the murder victim being “promiscuous or a swinger or something.”

That’s when Kitty asked him to stop talking about it. Keep in mind that I was just returning from a two hour fuckfest with Hammer so I was a little paranoid to begin with.  A few minutes later T-Bone texted me and asked if I could talk. So Kitty got the dog all saddled up and went for a walk/talk with T-Bone.

During our chat T-Bone was making fun of me for my reaction to his loaded gun the other day…and by loaded gun I am NOT talking about his COCK…although that was loaded as well ;)

The subject of the radio chick came up and of course T-Bone had the inside scoop. He didn’t get specific which is fine by me but he agreed with me that her husband did it and said that he would most likely be arrested shortly after the funeral.

T-Bone was mildly impressed that I put together the fact that she was shot twice in the heart and 4 times in the head with the fact that whoever killed her did it as an “act of anger”. I told T-Bone that I am a “Detective by injection,” which went WAY over his head.

Then he said it. T-Bone made a simple comment and THAT is what freaked me out once and for all. T-Bone said “she shares the same hobby as you” meaning meeting men in hotel rooms and sleeping with them I am guessing. So now this murder victim and I have a “hobby” in common. Add that to the whole gun thing and you have one freaked out Naughty Kitty.

Oh, I will calm down. I already have. But for the time being Kitty is going to be very VERY careful.


Anonymous said...

MMmmmmmm, Lover not a Killer......


surftoy said...

So I'm assuming that the cops would be knocking on the doors of her hobby horses , hard to explain to the wives. Shame all the way around . Should I stay or should I go.

Naughty Kitty said...

Wow, good point Surf! It's been pretty quiet though. I am pretty sure they are just going after the husband. The thing about this area is that people think they are smarter then they really are. Just because they have a little bit of money they act like they are Bill Gates or something. It's very small town and everybody knows everybody elses business.