Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Meeting Hammer

The other day when T-Bone and I were in bed, just after we both had cum, we began chatting. We talked about the misunderstanding with Mrs. Mean as a Snake T-Bone. We talked about how to prevent that from happening again and we also talked about seeing other people. T-Bone is insistent that I see other men.

So I after months of correspondence and comments on my blog, texts and a very nice lunch date Kitty is meeting Hammer. Now Hammer didn’t officially give me the okay to write about our playtime this afternoon but I think as long as I am complimentary he will be okay with it.

Can I just start by saying that Hammer is EXACTLY what Kitty loves about older men. Dude knows his way around a woman’s body and Dude has some major stamina. I am literally too exhausted to write this. But I owe it to Hammer. Oh and yes, he is now man #3 who can give oral like nobody’s business. Damn! Hammer!

Although we had texted back and forth about tying me up and calling me filthy names Hammer was very gentle and giving in bed. He most definitely brought his “A” game today. He was kind enough to secure the room ahead of time and then met me for my ever favorite walk of shame. Hammer was smart though. He got a 1st floor room so we didn’t have to walk past the desk to the elevators.

We got into the room and immediately kissed then undressed. I have to say that I am loving just going for it. Hammer had a nice big hard on just waiting for me and I just couldn’t wait to enjoy it. As much as I wanted to ride it right away I held off. Hammer moved nice and slow and had me begging him by the time he finally pulled me on top of him. Kitty had several orgasms in that position, a few of which snuck up on me out of nowhere.

Hammer told me to turn over I just knew that would feel nice too and it SO did.. Hammer probably could have kept going and going. I have to say that I had a tough time keeping up and really need to get in better shape if we are going to meet again. We lay together for a few minutes. Hammer was stroking me and talking about our families and the past weekend.

Before we knew it was time to go. True to his sweet self Hammer walked me to my car and texted me as I got home. Hammer, you are a sweetheart just as I knew you would be. Thank you again for such a fun and completely satisfying playdate.


Anonymous said...

I have no problem with you writing here Baby. And yes what a few hours did for me I can only hope I did it for you. Its good to have swety sex at times, means you are working out.... Back in the day it would have been 6-8 hours, :)... We will have to try it again. I'll bring ice!


WestsideTori said...

So glad you had fun and are happy. Go Hammer! Go Kitty!

Anonymous said...

Kitty, it sounds like you finally found someone who DESERVES what you have to give. He sounds like a keeper :)

Naughty Kitty said...

Thank you Tori and GF. Yes, Hammer is definately a keeper.

Hammer, I hope you had a great day baby xoxoxox