Sunday, May 6, 2012


Kitty had lunch with Construction Guy’s daughter today. She happens to know all about Kitty’s Ashley Madison activities not to mention the special project that I have been working on. Even though she says she is not judgmental I can see judgment in her eyes. It’s okay. I know she is right.  She as much as said “Kitty, you are better than that. Don’t sell yourself short.”

It’s difficult to explain to people who know me in my real life how I feel and why I like to meet men on Ashley Madison. At one point Construction Guy’s daughter said she cheated on her first husband because she wanted to feel desired. She wanted a man to tell her she was sexy and beautiful. That’s exactly how Kitty feels. The difference is that Construction Guy’s daughter had affairs with men she knew. Kitty does it with strangers.

I tried to explain that I am not proud of this. She asked me how many men I have been with.  She asked me if I was being safe. She asked a lot of good questions. Now Kitty has to find alot of good answers.


Ben said...

Kitty -- You have it right when it comes to wanting to feel wanted, desired, and sexy, or wanting something extra in one or more aspects of one's life, depending on the situation. It all comes down to attachment theory. I try to avoid blaming everything on my mother, but my sister and I agree that, for both of us, that's where our issues originated.

Anonymous said...

Kitty, I just started reading your blog after a pal out here in LA turned me on to it. Wow are you hot! Would love to meet you in person someday!

--Mark W.

Naughty Kitty said...

Now that's just WRONG! Lol tori you are a bad bad girl.