Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Up to No Good

Kitty has been up to no good today. Don’t ask me why. I have plenty of work to keep me busy but I managed to find myself on POF with some new interesting prospects. 

Something is stirring inside of Kitty. It’s that feeling that I used to get when I met a new playmate on Ashley Madison.

I reactivated my account after seeing Biker Dude II back on. I doubt I’ll ever get the story as to why he lost interest in me or why he dropped out of site. I imagine he met someone but now he is back. I was feeling both frisky and naughty so Kitty decided to get BD2 all wound up.

I started by saying that I was thinking about the time we met in the hotel room and how hot it was. He of course responded:

BD2: it’s funny you should say that , I can't get that picture out of my mind you on your knees your ass up in the air fucken the shit out of you (He's a charmer, isn't he?)

Kitty:  LOL I keep sending you a message but I guess you are not getting it because it is deemed as inappropriate but it said that was Father's Day you were thinking about. It also said something about me dropping to my knees for you ;)
p.s. thanks for getting me all wet at work ;)

BD2: reach down there and take care of it, you like that sweet talk?

Kitty: I'm in my office and you KNOW I prefer you to put YOUR hands down there...lick them then put them in my mouth. A little dirty talk never hurt anybody xo
Thinking about you in my mouth right now

BD2: you should have it in your mouth, would you like that?

Kitty: You know I love it in my mouth baby. Do YOU love it in my mouth?

BD2: and your ass and your cunt

Kitty: You do feel good inside of me ;)
MMMmmmmm miss that tongue of yours

Overall, it’s been a pretty good afternoon. Next up my bi-sexual venture.

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