Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sexier Than Ever

I’m not sure exactly what came over me yesterday. Kitty was definitely looking forward to a play date with Freddie and everything was definitely going along as planned. I’ll admit that even though Kitty and Freddie are quite familiar by now, that initial greeting is still a little awkward for Kitty. Luckily Freddie was right at the door when Kitty walk up to the house. Luckily Freddie ushered me right past the living room, bathroom and into his bedroom as his son stayed in his own bedroom. Kitty kept quiet. Freddie locked the bedroom door and lay on his bed. Kitty without thinking began to undress. I had brought along a red silky g-string and some fuck-me pumps that I promised I’d wear for Freddie some day. I also brought my bullet. There was no way Kitty was walking away tonight without a decent orgasm even if I had to do it myself. Freddie lay watching Kitty as I smoothed lotion onto each of my legs. He made a comment about stress then lay on his stomach waiting for Kitty to massage his back. Kitty began very slowly to rub Freddie’s shoulders. It felt nice not to rush although the anticipation of potentially feeling Freddie’s cock inside me seemed unbearable but Kitty remained in charge.

I took my time and pretended as though I knew what I was doing. I rubbed Freddie’s back, then his legs. He removed his pants and Kitty rubbed his buttocks. Then Kitty leaned over and began to kiss the back of Freddie’s neck. I nibbled his ear just a bit and could hear his breath quicken. He turned over, not quite erect yet.

I’m not quite sure what came over me but Kitty began to take the dominating role. Kitty pinned Freddie’s hands up over his head and held them there as I kissed him gently on his lips. Kitty let my tongue graze just outside of Freddie’s mouth then moved down to his nipples and gave them each a little nibble. Kitty continued to hold Freddie’s hands with one of my own and with the other began to gently brush my fingers up and down his inner thighs. He definitely seemed to enjoy this as I saw a smile on his face although his eyes were closed. Very gently Kitty ran my tongue over his balls, up the underside of his shaft, then the other side, then ever so slightly around the head of his cock. He moaned and Kitty knew I was doing well. His cock became hard and although Kitty’s first instinct is to hop on for a ride, I’d been down this road and knew it was too much for Freddie.

Along with my fuck me pumps, red g-string Kitty brought along my bullet. I released Freddie’s hands and told him to get on his knees. Kitty lay on the bed sucking Freddie’s cock as he used his fingers and my bullet on me. The combination of sucking Freddie’s cock along with his masterful manipulation of my pussy brought Kitty to cum within minutes. Since Kitty is not a squirter, I need to tell my lovers when enough is enough as once Kitty cums the feel of anything on my pussy is bothersome for several minutes.

“Give me a minute,” I said as I nudged his hand away from me. Freddie continued to kiss Kitty’s mouth then prepared to put his hard cock inside of me. He teased Kitty with the head of his cock until Kitty was ready for that first and most delicious penetration…and then…as Freddie looked Kitty in the eyes he got that pained expression on his face.

“It’s okay. Just relax,” I whispered

“I came already,” he said

Kitty explained to Freddie that I had no expectations for that night. Kitty was not disappointed. I had prepared and let’s face it. Kitty had her orgasm; Freddie had his orgasm so all was right with the world.

Kitty and Freddie lay in bed chatting for a bit until Kitty had to leave for my meeting. Overall, I think it went well. Freddie has a lot of potential and as Kitty told him, as long as we are having fun, let’s see where this leads us and Kitty assures you, I AM having fun.

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