Thursday, August 14, 2014

Shoulda, Woulda, COULDA

This past week has been hectic to say the least. As you know Kitty is hosting three young British lads. They are as sweet as can be and somewhat intimidated by Kitty I think even though as I mentioned to my daughter, they really have nothing to fear. Is Kitty tempted to curl up in bed with any of them in the middle of the night? Well as much as Kitty knows you want the answer to be "yes", Kitty can't help but think of them as my children and that's just WRONG!

Kitty has been trying to work with my little Fast Freddie though. Poor Freddie. He has no idea how to handle Kitty. He is so sweet and seems so innocent. Freddie wants to satisfy Kitty's appetite in the worst way and the harder he tries the softer his cock becomes. Well, that's not entirely true.

Since the Brits are in town, Kitty and Freddie have had no alternative but to email and naughty text for most of the week. Freddie wants to shop for lingerie with Kitty as well as naughty toys. If this nonsence with Freddie keeps up Kitty is going to NEED those toys!! Meanwhile, if Freddie were smart he would have taken the initiative and ordered that shit by now. I have to give Biker Dude 2 credit. He brought a bag of tricks with him to our first hotel date. Kitty is finding out that Freddie is far from "Fast".

The other day Freddie began texting me that he has been having these solid erections in the shower as he thinks about Kitty sucking his cock. Kitty gets wet thinking about that. For two days straight Freddie was having these erections and although Kitty did not want to pressure Freddie, I just wanted to feel that cock inside of me. Freddie has so much potential as a lover. Kitty is just not ready to throw in the towel.

So since it is our slow season at work all Kitty's bosses are off on vacation and what not. Kitty and one other are left in the office for the last two days. Yesterday at 4:30 Kitty was left in the office alone. Since Kitty was concerned that the boss men might check on me to make sure I didn't skip out early, I opted to stay and gave Freddie the heads up to come on over and visit Kitty. We joked a little about office sex but agreed that it was a little too risky and there is no fucking way Kitty is going to jeapordize my career for Freddie. His cock is beautiful but it's not doing Kitty a bit of good when the mortgage comes due.

So Kitty gave Freddie a quick tour of the office. Freddie came into Kitty's office and commented on how impressive it is. Yes, those who know me in person are generally impressed by my office when they see it. I think Kitty's care free way is not typical of others in my profession so I am not sure what people expect when they come to my office but it is in fact legit.

Kitty and Freddie chatted vanilla style. Chatting with Freddie bores Kitty unfortunately. Freddie is a nice guy but not nearly as fun to talk to as he is to suck on. Finally it was time for Kitty to leave so I shut the lights, radio and drew the blinds. Freddie stayed at a safe distance.

The rest of the office was dark and as we headed out of Kitty's office Freddie grabbed me and said, "Hey, you talk too much." Then he pulled me toward him and began kissing me. I immediately fell into him and could finally feel a rock hard erection through his pants. Freddie slipped his hands down in Kitty's slacks and began rubbing my clit. Kitty tried to get my hand into Freddie's pants but DAMN! There was some sort of belt there. I rubbed my hand against his cock...yes...definitely hard and ready for Kitty but really the threat of Freddie forcing himself on me was not a concern. Chances are we would not get caught but then there was the chance we would.

"I can sneak away tonight," Kitty said as I continued to feverishly kiss Freddie wanting that cock which was resting up against my thigh now. "Is there someplace we can go?"

"My office," Freddie answered. "My son will be in the family room. He won't bother us."

So we agreed that Kitty would go home, feed the kids while the Brits were off having their fun then head over to Fast Freddie's home office for a little Naughty Kitty fun. As I drove out of my parking lot I thought, "We could have gotten away with fucking in my office. DAMMIT!"

Kitty texted Freddie as I was running a little late, "Running late but on my way."

Freddie texted back: "It's too late. My son is here now."

Kitty: "Crap! Should I turn around???" Now, Kitty knew the answer to this. There was no fucking way I was going to turn around after getting a taste of that hard cock!

Freddie: "I'm kidding. Get your ASS over here! I NEED you!!!"

To say that Kitty nearly crashed the car while reading that last text is an understatement. My pussy immediately became wet just from the authoritative cap lock demand from Freddie. Damn! So much potential there...

As instructed, Kitty parked and walked up to the side entrance of Freddie's house. Freddie greeted me right away and immediately shuffled me into his office/studio/garage. There was a Macaw in a cage and a computer in the corner. The computer was opened to the links that Kitty had emailed Freddie earlier for various lingerie and toys. Freddie was blabbering on about something when Kitty interrupted him and said, "You talk too much."

I began to kiss him hoping to pick up where we left off at my office. Yes, Kitty felt the erection and there was certainly no problem getting Kitty wet. We undressed eachother while continuing to kiss and although I knew it was risky I had to kneel down and just enjoy sucking Freddie's beautiful cock if only for a moment. His breathing began to quicken and as much as Kitty wanted to feel his cum hit the back of my throat, I got up and began kissing his mouth. Freddie was ready for action.

"How do you want me?" Kitty asked.

"I want to bend you over," Freddie answered.

Now while that is certainly one of Kitty's favorite positions, I was hesitant only because I was concerned that Freddie would not have the constitution to stay hard to fuck me doggie then change positions. Kitty was really looking forward to riding Freddie's cock. Kitty really wanted to have an orgasm with Freddie's cock inside of me but in an effort to be supportive Kitty agreed and bent forward over a stool that Freddie gestured to.

Freddie stood behind me for a moment. He inserted his fingers just as he had done during our Shades of Grey evening. Kitty moaned and told Freddie how good it felt. I could feel him move closer with his cock in front of him. He tried to put it in. He tried again...and again. I heard him say, "You are too tight! You need to loosen up."

Okay...WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?!? I mentioned to him later that the fact that a woman my age who has birthed 4 children is "tight" in her pussy area is a GOOD is a GREAT thing!!!

Kitty could tell Freddie was getting impatient and frustrated and of course when I turned around his erection was slowly deteriorating. I kissed him again on the mouth then moved down to his cock.

"Can you touch the back of your throat?" he asked

I moved his cock deeper into my throat. At the same time, I heard a groan and felt his cock grow in size within my lips. I moved up just long enough to pull him down to the ground with me. Yes, Kitty was getting fucked on the floor of the garage! "Okay, I thought to myself. The important thing is that I am getting fucked and somehow I can write this in my blog and make it hot or comical."

As I rationalized with myself about getting fucked on the floor of the garage, Freddie struggled to get his cock inside of me. "Okay, what the fuck is the problem here?!?!?" I was thinking to myself.

As though he was reading my mind he said again, "You are too tight! You need to loosen up."

Finally I thought I felt him inside of me...for a moment. He thrusted once...maybe twice then I heard him say, "Shit!" He pulled away from me quickly and again said, "I'm sorry".

Kitty thought, "What the fuck?!?!?" then I said out loud,"What happend?"

"I came already". Then Freddie hung his head and feigned crying. Now between you and me Kitty has very little patience for this sort of thing. I don't mean to be heartless but come on! By the time a man gets to be our age, he should be able to control his junk! But being the kind, compassionate kitty that I am and also realizing that I had a few potential playmates in the wings kitty said, "It's okay. It's okay." I continued to kiss him hoping maybe there would be a chance of a quick recovery time or at least some finger fucking for Kitty. I ran out of the house without my bullet this time so needed to rely on his natural resources to get me off.

Interestingly enough he was not exactly eager about giving Kitty a little pleasure. Well too fucking bad! Kitty wants to cum too!!! And quite frankly this was getting ridiculous.

Kitty began rubbing myself partly to try to cum and partly to get Freddie excited. He watched but had no reaction. I began kissing him and said, "use your hands". He began finger fucking Kitty. Yes, it felt good and I told him that.

"Can I have a little tongue?" I asked him as sweetly as I could muster.

I pulled him back down on the floor and within a few minutes Freddie's tongue along with his fingers brought Kitty to a quick, dirty albeit unsatisfying orgasm.

I thanked Freddie several times for trying to fuck me on his garage floor each time being corrected by him "office," he would say. That was Kitty's way of trying to add humor to an ever increasing frustrating situation.

Freddie and Kitty are due to go out on his boat this weekend. Freddie jokes that he wants "boat-head". Up until now Kitty has never heard of such a thing.

This morning when Kitty woke up I read a text from Freddie. It said, "I just took a shower and had a rock solid hard on when I got out."

Coulda, shoulda fucked Freddie in my office when we had the chance and when he had the hard on.




luvinfunnc said...
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Naughty Kitty said...

I think I scare the shit out of him. Kitty is extremely competent in bed and can be a bit intimidating without intending to. I think he'll get there in time. But in the meantime I'm trying other men on for size :)

1ManView said...

You know they sell these small tubes of lube for men who find themselves in a tight situation... :)

Naughty Kitty said...

We had plenty of lune and believe me there is not a cock in the world that Kitty can't handle. He is frustrated and impatient. We will get there and when we do the heavens will open up and the angels will sing.

Naughty Kitty said...

Lol sorry I meant LUBE not lune.

luvinfunnc said...
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Naughty Kitty said...

Kitty is always looking for new and fun play toys Luv! Feel free to email me