Monday, August 4, 2014

Fast Freddie

So I’ll bet you all are back to read about Kitty’s pregame play date with Hammer. Well, Kitty’s got some bad news but I also have some good news. Kitty’s play date with Hammer was cancelled but Kitty made a new play date with a NEW play mate. His name is Fast Freddie.

At the encouragement of Kitty’s naughty friend Bill I unhid my Ashley Madison profile. Within a few minutes Kitty had a plethora of new playmates available. And while I am still communicating with several of them, one caught my attention. His name is Fast Freddie and he is in fact single. I’m sure you are thinking, “Kitty, he’s not REALLY single. He just said that to get you to let him in.” Well Kitty has done the background work not to mention found my way into Fast Freddie’s bed and Kitty believes beyond the shadow of a doubt that Freddie is in fact single.

Originally Freddie told Kitty that he stumbled onto AM quite by accident but after meeting him in person Kitty is again sure he was telling the truth. Bill and Kitty both agree that Freddie got lucky when he stumbled upon Kitty on AM.

Freddie is fresh out of a long term relationship so it seems he hasn’t been with another woman in upward of 15 years. Can you imagine?!?!?! Can you imagine fucking Kitty right out of the gate of a 15 year relationship?!?!?!

Well, Freddie (who Bill and I agreed should not be notified of Kitty’s blog) was quite nervous about the whole meeting thing. We sort of set up a date to meet for drinks and kill some time before his son left for work so we could play at his house. We chatted and Freddie threw some compliments Kitty’s way. Freddie told Kitty that I am much prettier in person and look younger than in my pictures. Flattery will get Freddie everywhere.

Freddie invited Kitty back to his house and Kitty was ready willing and able. When we arrived at Freddie’s house he was noticeably nervous. He gave Kitty a tour of the house and messed with the stereo to get music playing. It took Freddie a good 20 minutes to sit on the couch with Kitty and to make his move. Finally we began to kiss. Freddie was so very gentle at kissing and yes, although Kitty was expecting it to be rougher, Freddie’s kisses made Kitty wet. He unhooked Kitty’s bra and began fondling my breasts. Finally Kitty asked it Freddie wanted to go to the bedroom. I have to give him props. He was really trying to set the mood to a romantic mood but this really wasn’t necessary.

Freddie led Kitty by the hand to his tidy bedroom and freshly made bed. We began to kiss again and he excused himself to go to the bathroom I think and he told Kitty to get comfortable. I began to undress when he walked in the room I stopped thinking he may want to undress me. He told me to continue then began fucking around with the lights and the ceiling fan. Kitty began to kiss him as we stood then slowly undressed him. His cock was already hard. I continued to kiss him then very slowly knelt in front of him and very gently put his cock in my mouth. He sighed letting out the very slightest whimper letting me know I was going in the right direction. I felt that he might be getting a little over excited so Kitty stood up and he moved me to the bed. I rubbed his cock to a nice hard state and began to climb on top. He stopped me and said, “Get on your back first”. He reached for some lube and rubbed it on my pussy then began licking and sucking kitty while moving his fingers in kitty’s well lubed cunt and ass. It felt amazing and although kitty came so close to cumming I craved his hard cock inside of me. I reached for him. He brushed the head of his cock against my pussy and whispered in my ear, “Do you want this?”

Kitty breathlessly moaned, “Yes”.

Freddie authoritatively answered, “Not yet” then pulled his cock away. He licked kitty more then finally brought his cock up close to kitty’s pussy. Kitty welcomed it. Kitty waited for that moment where his thick hard cock would plunge inside of her.

I gazed at Freddie’s face. He looked confused for a moment. He looked lost. Then he looked sad. He said, “I’m sorry,” then nodded in the direction of his cock. Kitty reached down to feel that his cock was no longer hard. I moved my hand slightly and felt a warm puddle of cum just outside of my cunt. Kitty tried to hide my disappointment. I did not want to make Freddie feel worse than he already felt.

We lay side by side kissing gently. Freddie rubbed Kitty’s back. Freddie rubbed Kitty’s clit but Freddie could not provide the one thing Kitty craved.

And so after maybe 15 or 20 minutes of cuddle time Kitty slinked out of Freddie’s bed and returned home. There is a part of Kitty that enjoys the fact that I got Freddie so worked up that he couldn’t hold it in. There is another part of Kitty…mostly the southern parts that still needs that rock hard cock inside of me and Kitty won’t rest until I get it.


Simplicity said...

Yeah I know exactly how you feel. I recently had a very similar experience myself. The pressure eased somewhat but you're still built up! (And yes I was patiently waiting to hear about the

Naughty Kitty said...

You are funny, Simplicity. Have a great day. More to come. Date 2 with Fast Freddie tonight ;)