Tuesday, July 29, 2014


So Kitty is going to a BBQ. A lot of Kitty’s besties are going to be there including Knightrider. The other day Kitty was talking to one of Knightrider’s old old friends. For the sake of the blog let’s call her Stretch. She has got to be close to six foot in heels to Kitty’s five feet. Anyway, Stretch has known Knightrider since they were kids. The other night after our lobster dinner Stretch texted Kitty to say that she had a good time the night before. We began texting back and forth and I asked her what she thought of Kitty and Knightrider as a couple. Stretch did not confirm or deny thinking we would be a good match but she did strongly encourage me to let him know how I feel. Kitty thinks that is a TERRIBLE idea!!! Like I mentioned in the previous post, after mulling it over I think I am just not Knightrider’s flavor. If I confess my attraction to him it will make things way too awkward for Kitty…Knightrider and our whole group of friends.

Stretch recommended Kitty get on a website and find a play mate. Kitty thinks it’s cute that Stretch who has been with the same man for 35 years is trying to coach Kitty on how to set up a play date. Stretch clearly does not know about Kitty’s secret life. Kitty explained to Stretch that I want to find a special playmate. A special someone that I can bring home and enjoy both inside and OUTSIDE the bedroom. It’s difficult to explain to people how Kitty feels. I am not looking for a husband. I am not looking for a live in boyfriend but Kitty is ready to try to be monogamous again…with the right person. Don’t worry! That doesn’t look like it’s going to happen anytime soon. I thought Knightrider would be a perfect catch for Kitty since he is bi-coastal so Kitty would have lots of free time which I love. Knightrider also gets along with Kitty’s kids so we have family time including Knightrider which is nice for all of us. Kitty just thought instead of sending Knightrider home after our family dinners maybe we could have a little sexy time and Kitty wouldn’t have to sneak around anymore.

So as you can see Kitty has thought about this a lot but alas as I said before, I am not Knightrider’s flavor. But Kitty still needs sexy time so Kitty decided to be a little naughtier than usual. Kitty texted Hammer to see what he was up to. Same old Hammer still has the wife, kids AND the girlfriend. Kitty chatted about the prospect with good old Bader who advised to just use Hammer as a tool to release some of this pressure that has been building up in Kitty’s southern region. And so Kitty decided to take Bader’s advice. Kitty put Hammer’s wife, kid’s and girlfriend out of my mind and scheduled a play date with Hammer the morning of the BBQ with Knightrider.

I texted Stretch to tell her that I took her advice. She was very excited for Kitty and mentioned over and over how she lives vicariously through her single friends now. Kitty thinks that’s a shame since Stretch’s hubby is a cutie. I’m sure he’d be fun in bed too! Kitty mentioned to Tall about our other friend who slept with Knightrider and wouldn’t dish. Stretch agreed that this goes against the girl code. So now that we are comrades Kitty answers any of Stretch’s questions. Stretch asked Kitty all sorts of questions about my play date with Hammer. Of course Kitty does not tell anybody that Hammer is actually married. Fucking a married man is a no-no in my circle especially since some of the couples are in fact married. Kitty doesn’t want anybody thinking I am checking out their husbands…even though I am.

So now Kitty AND Stretch are excited about my play date with Hammer. Kitty is very excited about the idea of Hammer’s hands on me. Kitty is excited about the idea of Hammer’s hands inside of me. Kitty is excited about sucking Hammer’s cock. Kitty is excited about Hammer’s cock inside of me but mostly Kitty is excited about fucking Hammer and then attending a BBQ shortly after that with Knightrider. It should be a fun day all around.


Simplicity said...

I say take a chance w Knightrider. Perhaps Tall has inside info from KR that be has expressed similar interest in you. And maybe thats why she's encouraging you in that direction.

But I totally get calling Hammer to ease the pressure too. Have fun at the BBQ!

Naughty Kitty said...

Thanks Simplicity! I love your comments. Ironically Hammer cancelled so the BBQ will be interesting to say the least.