Monday, July 14, 2014

Lube Me Up Buttercup

Last night Kitty was so so restless. Kitty has been so stressed lately with this family stuff plus we spent the day eating junk food and laying about so I expect that didn’t help matters. By 11:30 Kitty was still wide awake. Kitty needed a release. So I sent the kids to bed (don’t forget they are on summer break!) and took another shot at surfing some porn on my Kindle. This time Kitty was smart. I kept the lights on and looked for a site that Bad Boy had recommended. I forgot the name exactly but Googled “porn” and it came right up…pardon the pun.

I wasn’t sure what I was craving so I clicked on a shot of an older man and a young girl. Kitty is not much into child porn and yes, this is how I got into trouble last week with the “she-man” porn. The man in the video was not appealing to Kitty at all. He was again…too fem. His skin was flawless which seems odd to me. The young girl was pretty but had bad teeth. Also a turn off for Kitty. She began sucking the old guy’s cock…not bad. She stood up and although shaven and looking like a pre-pubescent little girl, she had a pussy and not a cock so we were still good. Kitty fast forwarded a bit and looked at the young girl’s technique. Kitty is not above learning new tricks from younger chicks. She had great hand movement. Kitty needs to learn that. But HEY NOW…WHAT’S THIS?!!? The old guy had an enormous HARD-ON!!! NOW WE ARE TALKIN’!!!!

Hard on’s are what make Kitty wet. So Kitty turned off the lights and grabbed for my trusty silver bullet. It felt good but Kitty just couldn’t get there. Kitty needed….SOMETHING. I remembered that I still had a small sample of lube in my bedside table. What the hell was I saving it for? There are no prospective play dates coming to my bedroom anytime soon.

Kitty managed to twist the top off the sample packet and squeeze its contents in the direction of my thirsty pussy. Kitty felt nothing initially but I knew it was there so I turned on the old silver bullet and slowly moved in that direction. The moment that the metal hit that lube Kitty’s body began to sing. THAT’S THE TICKET! Kitty pictured the old guy’s rock hard cock and that along with the cold wet sensation on my clit made Kitty cum. Ahhh sweet release.

Kitty lay awake a few moments remembering a time with Biker Dude 2. He kept telling me to spit on his cock. Kitty for whatever reason could not muster up enough saliva to satisfy his needs. I remembered him grabbing his lube and working it on his cock a little bit. And then as Kitty drifted into slumber, I made a mental note to pick some lube up next time I am at the market.


Wandering Eye said...

Its funny how some porn and a little lube can go a long way towards salvaging a weekend. And where might one find these lube samples? I mean, I go to the dentist and she gives me a sample size toothpaste. I go to a technology conference and the vendors give out lanyards and mini flash drives. Who's giving out lube samples?

Naughty Kitty said...

LOL Funny WE. Babeland sent the samples to Kitty YEARS ago if you can believe it. God knows I never used them with Angry Guy! I may have brought them along to play dates once or twice in anticipation of a little anal but for one reason or another Kitty never needed them.

I will say that as much as I adore my silver bullet. I would trade it for a rock hard cock and a tongue any day of the week ;)