Thursday, July 17, 2014

Two in One Day

How many of us have fantasized about fucking two different people in one day? Kitty is raising her hand up HIGH!!!


Well one of Kitty’s new friends managed to pull off every man and woman’s fantasy. Okay okay…maybe not EVERY man and woman but certainly those who read THIS BLOG. Kitty’s new friend…well let’s just call him “Bill” achieved success. Bill and Kitty have a lot in common as far as what we enjoy sexually in fact we would probably have one hell of a fuck session if he didn’t live so damn far away…oh and ahem…he’s married. But there is nothing wrong with a kitty dreaming is there? So Bill is an avid reader of Kitty’s blog and you all KNOW that makes Kitty wet. Kitty and Bill have been emailing and texting all sorts of naughty things. We exchange stories, fantasies and all sorts of fun pictures. Today though Bill told Kitty a fascinating story. The story made Kitty so wet that I just have to share!


So here's how the two-lovers-in-one-day fantasy happened.   It all came about by accident and it was all part of a totally fucked up day. Stick with me here as I try to tell this story in a way that makes sense.


One fine August, the family and I had planned a summer vacation trip to Arizona to visit my retired in-laws.  We were all scheduled to fly out on a Thursday but for months leading up to the trip, my warped, deviant mind was trying to think up a way for me to get the family out there first so I could have at least one day at home to myself to fulfill what has always been a fantasy of mine – fuck a lover in my own home in front of the fireplace.  The lover part was easy – being an Ashley Madison power user, I had been seeing Marney for about 3 months and enjoying some seriously hot episodes of no-holds-barred hotel sex.  But you know as well as I, there’s no place like home. Now you’re probably saying to yourself “But Bill – right in your own home?  Isn’t anything sacred anymore?  That’s your wife’s space! Her domain! You’re lower than whale shit.”  Well excuse me, but if she won’t have sex with me anymore, then there ARE NO RULES and everything and everywhere is in play and on the table (including Marney, I hope). 


So my evil mind conjured up a way to take advantage of the circumstances and I manufactured a meeting at the office that I just had to be at on the day we were scheduled to leave. “Don’t you worry, sweetheart” I said to my wife – “There’s a flight into Phoenix first thing Friday morning. I’ll be out there the very next morning.” And she bought it hook, line and sinker. So my reservations were changed and now all of a sudden I was staring at a complete day/night alone in the house before I took off to join the family on Friday. Everything was falling neatly into place.


So the plan was this - I was going to drop the family off for their 7am flight to Phoenix, then I was going to pick Marney up at a local Target parking lot where she would leave her car, get in mine, and I would drive her to my house and pull in the attached garage to avoid detection by the snoopy neighbors.  


So Thursday morning comes and everyone hops in the car. Now all I have to do is get them to the airport and then it’s a full day of Fuck and Frolic. And on the way to the airport I get the text from Marney "I'm in the Target parking lot - ready when you are." It’s all coming off without a hitch. Smooth as creamery butter. So I drop them off at the airport and as I'm walking back to the parking lot I get the text that's going to send this day spiraling into a 50 shades of FUCKED UP!!!


It’s Donna.


Now who is Donna you might ask?  Ahhhhh Donna.  Donna was my first affair.  The first lover I ever met off Ashley Madison.  We carried on for about a year and then her husband’s job transferred her out of state.  We’d still kept in contact, but rarely.  And you’re probably saying to yourself “OK Bill – Donna was your first.  Now there’s Marney.  Exactly how many mistresses have you had?”  And I can humbly say that number would be 1 short of a dozen.  And now I’m sure there’s even more eye-rolling as you’re reading this and you’re probably cueing up Shania Twain’s ditty in your head -


“Okay. So you’re Tiger Woods.  That don’t impress me much.”


Back to Donna’s text.  And it’s says “I’m in town today for a conference that doesn’t start until 10.  Do you have time for coffee?”  And before I respond, the wheels start turning in my head.  Damn, I have Marney waiting for me in the Target parking lot, but this is DONNA we’re talking here.  She’s been gone for so long and she never gets to my town.  This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.  Now Donna has no idea my family has left on vacation, but I’m sure it won’t take much arm-twisting to get her back to my house.  But first I have to deal with Marney.  So I reply to Donna “Hi baby! Great to hear from you.  I’d love to see you. I’ll meet you at the Starbucks on XXXX, but give me 30 minutes.”  And she replies in the affirmative.


Now that gives me 30 minutes to stop and see Marney in the Target parking lot and tell her I've totally chickened out and I can't go through with bringing her back to the house as its too sacred and I think my wife suspects something is up and blah-blah-blah all kinds of other bullshit. So Marney is surprisingly good about it and heads out on her way to work. And I get to the Starbuck’s and there's Donna sitting in her car in the parking lot.   I pull up next to her, roll down my window and after our standard hello’s I say “As luck would have it, I happen to have an empty house right now.”  And she sees the twinkle in my eye and she lights up like a Christmas tree!!   You see Donna always had this edge to her – she always wanted to rub my wife’s nose in the fact that she was giving me all the raunchy, dirty sex my wife never did.  And she wanted nothing more than to fuck me in my house right where my wife lives her day-to-day.  So needless to say, Donna was wet before she even hopped in the passenger seat for the ride back to my house.


Now we don’t have a whole lot of time since Donna needs to be at the conference before 10, so as soon as the garage door closes shut and we get inside the house we start kissing wildly ... And tongues are tangling and spit is swapped and hands are roaming and cocks are hard and pussies are wet and before you know it, we're both naked on my leather couch.  But before I fuck her, I’ll be damned if I’m not going to eat that pussy.  I don’t give a fuck WHAT TIME the conference starts, but I’m sure as hell not passing up the opportunity to enjoy the finest tasting pussy I’ve ever had the pleasure of eating.  So I dive right in and just like old times, as soon as I get that 2nd finger inside massaging her G-spot while my tongue continues to work her clit, Donna explodes in orgasm and I have a face full of her delicious juices.  But obviously we’re not done yet. I pull myself up and while I love fucking doggie, this isn’t the time or the place.  I want to kiss Donna passionately with the taste of her own juices still on my lips, and gaze into her eyes as I’m sliding my now rock-hard cock inside her.  So I take her missionary.  Starting out slow and deliberate, but in no time I pick up the pace and I’m pounding the living shit out of her. And it isn't long before Donna’s writhing and moaning in orgasmic bliss and I've exploded my creamy load deep inside her...


Fantasy #1 - Fuck a lover in my own family room. On the leather couch. CHECK!!!!!!!!!


But little did I know my day had just begun.


So after a little post-fuck conversation, we get dressed and get out the door so I can take her back to her car at Starbuck’s so she can be on her way to the conference.  I offered a shower, but she declined as she wanted to carry the scent of our sex around with her all day.  That’s my Donna!  But before she speeds away she wanted to know if I’d like to grab a bite to eat with her after the conference and before she catches the flight home.  All on the company expense account, of course.  And I figured OK, I've already blown it with Marney, I've already fulfilled a fantasy, so I might as well get a free dinner with it.


So I spend the rest of my day packing for my trip the next day and then around 5 I head out to meet Donna at a sports bar downtown.  And here's where it gets interesting. While we’re having dinner and drinks, Marney is texting me "You sure we can't do this? I'd really like to see you. I really need a good fucking and I would love your tongue and face all over my cunt. I shaved my pussy and everything this morning”.  So I excuse myself to the men’s room and answer her texts, still playing up the “I really can't do this”, i.e., cold feet response, but I know damn well it won’t be long before my cock takes over my brain and sure enough I finally say "OK, I'll meet you in the Target parking lot at 9pm. See you there." So I make up an excuse for Donna "Yawwwwwwwwnnnnn baby  ... I'm really tired and I have a 7am flight (I really did!!).  I better get home and get some shut eye ..." And we part ways.


So I get to the Target lot by 9pm, pick Marney up, and it’s off to my house. And we pick up a couple bottles of wine, and before long all the lights in the house are out, the fireplace is roaring, and we're totally naked on that same leather couch where I just fucked Donna about 12 hours prior. And I have 70s classic rock blasting from the stereo as I've always wanted to get drunk, get naked and fuck to ELO. Don't ask me why!!! But there we were on the family room floor, a dark house, and I'm fucking her doggie to ELO's "You gotta Slowwww Down, Sweet Talkin' Woman .. You got me runnin' .. you got me searchin....." And I'm thrusting to the beat of the music and I have my glass of Pinot Grigot resting on her back as I'm fucking her. OK, it would be much manlier if I had a bottle of Guinness Stout balanced on her ass, but no -- it was a sissy glass of wine.


Fantasy #2 - Fuck two women who aren't my wife in one day. CHECK!!!!!!


So around midnight, I decide I better cum and get her out of the house as I do have to get up at 4:30am for the 7am flight. So I blow my load, then start getting anxious, almost pushing her out the door. Yeah I know -- I'm an asshole!! And she's getting dressed, collecting her shit and we do one last check to make sure she didn't leave anything behind, and I take her back to the parking lot and she'd be on her way home to hubby.




I get back home, climb in bed and my cell phone rings. Its 1am. It’s Marney. "I left my cell phone at your house". Oh yeah, then how are you calling me?? Well she says she's calling me on her personal cell, it’s the work cell she left in my house and she HAS to have it. So I tell her I'll look around and then bring it up to her in the parking lot. Well I look high and low and I can't find it anywhere. Not in the family room. Not in the bathroom. Not in the garage.  Nowhere. So I call and tell her that. But she won't take no for an answer. And by now she's hammered and crying because she'll get fired if she doesn't have that phone. And her husband by now I'm sure is wondering where the fuck she is. So I look again. And again. But nothing. And she keeps calling. And I hang up. And she calls again. And I yell at her I DON'T HAVE YOUR FUCKING PHONE!!! GO HOME!!!!! By this time it’s after 2am. Finally she gives up calling, and I get about 2 hours sleep.


So I get up at 4:30am, shower and start making my way to the airport. But first I take a swing by the Target  and SHE'S STILL THERE IN THE PARKING LOT AT 5:30AM!!!!!!! But hell no, I'm not stopping!!! I buzz right past her and think to myself "fuck her, if I stop she'll never let me get out of here". So I get to the airport and before too long I'm bound for Phoenix with a layover in Baltimore. And as I'm sitting there at the gate at BWI, I get a text. Its Marney. "I found my phone. It was wedged under the passenger seat.  And by the way, that was the hottest sex I’ve ever had in my fucking life!”


Yeah, me too.  Twice!!!




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