Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Both Sides of the Fence

For the most part Angry Guy and Kitty get along nicely. We chat on the phone like old friends. We attend school functions together and make fun of the other parents and administration. But since this whole family issue I have cut Angry Guy off from my friendship. He is playing both sides of the fence and Kitty doesn’t like that. BE A MAN!! STAND UP FOR WHAT YOU BELIEVE IN!!! And for God’s sake…DON’T LIE!!! Kitty HATES a liar.

Now Kitty knows that cheating counts as “lying” so…yes…Kitty is a hypocrite…on some level. But for the most part Kitty doesn’t lie. In fact the only person that Kitty DID lie to was Angry Guy.

When we were together he was convinced that Kitty was cheating. He made no effort to catch me though. And to this day Kitty never told him…and Kitty never will.

Angry Guy was SO suspicious even before Kitty strayed that HE was suspicious. Do you know how people who lie or cheat immediately lose trust for those around them? Well that’s how Angry Guy acted only Kitty knew he wasn’t cheating. Let’s face it; Angry Guy was never as sexual as Kitty. Kitty always wanted sex more than he did even when we were dating which should have been a sign. Kitty wanted to suck cock. Kitty wanted to be fucked from behind like a dirty little slut. But Angry Guy put Kitty up on a pedestal. At first it was an honor but then Kitty realized it was just Angry Guy’s way of avoiding fucking Kitty…his wife. So Kitty strayed. Anyway, you all know that story.

So this week with all the family shit that is going on and Angry Guy swearing left and right that he is on my side but refusing to say it to anybody but Kitty, it dawned on Kitty.

Angry Guy is one of those guys who tells whoever in front of him what he thinks they want to hear whether it’s the truth or not. Then he will tell the opposing person what THEY want to hear even if it is the exact opposite. Angry Guy is a PUSSY and he is WISHY WASHY. Kitty hates wishy washy men.

And so, I think I’ve had an epiphany. Kitty thinks that the reason Angry Guy was always convinced that Kitty was lying to him, even before I was, is because HE is not true to his word…EVER…well for the most part.

Lying takes on many forms but as I told a friend of mine, Kitty has no regrets and when I take a side I tell people. Maybe that’s why Kitty is always in so much trouble.


Simplicity said...

I'd much rather be like you than the Angry Guy for sure. Tell the truth and the consequences be damned! I have a lot more respect for myself that way. Good for you, Kitty! !

Naughty Kitty said...

Thank you! Yes, Kitty is outspoken to say the least. There is never any question what side I am on. I know that others are different but if you are going to be a big part of my life, you have to be strong and you have to be brave. Angry Guy is neither. He is a bully but as my friend just told me the other day (and I LOVE this expression),"Not my circus. Not my monkeys". Angry Guy is not my problem anymore...thank GOD!

Simplicity said...

I like that too. "Not my circus, not my monkeys" I may steal it. :)

Jack Bader said...

There are many people like that unfortunately, but yes I would much rather deal with people like you that tell it how it is... I hate people that dont, and my wife knows that. She has to restrain me in certain situations because she does not want me to speak up...

Naughty Kitty said...

I was taught to stand up for myself and others if they need it. Angry Guy used to try to temper that. That's just one of the many reasons he is now EX Angry Guy ;)