Monday, July 28, 2014

Just Not His Flavor

Kitty had a pretty good weekend. Saturday I went for a walk on the beach with one of my girlfriends, got some stuff done around the house then went out with my besties for a lobster dinner. Knightrider was there of course. Kitty had the opportunity to get free tickets to see Queen. The group was split as to whether we should go or not and since I wanted to hang with Knightrider and he wasn’t into it, Kitty refused the tickets and opted for lobster instead. Not exactly Sophie’s choice.

The trip to the restaurant was about an hour away and Knightrider offered to drive his badass truck. Knightrider is a good driver. He is the one person that I feel safe as a passenger in his car so Kitty was pleased at the offer. When I pulled up to his place, he was just coming out of his house, Kitty pulled up next to his bad ass truck. Knightrider was wearing a pink polo, jeans and flip flops. Not typically a look Kitty is attracted to but for whatever reason Knight rider pulled it off and he pulled it off well, His jeans were just the right amount of loose and when he sat Kitty could see that his long legs had an athletic shape to them. Not too skinny and not heavy. His arms of course were muscular and his tan made the pink polo shirt pop. I walked up to him and he bent just slightly to allow me to kiss him on his cheek. Without realizing it, I had put my hand around his arm. This is all very natural to Kitty.

Knightrider drove me and another bestie to the restaurant. We had great conversations from everything from cars to the other bestie’s new rental property. Knightrider and Kitty connect on a much deeper level than any man I can think of other than Angry Guy. Knightrider and Kitty have great conversations and even if we don’t agree on topics, our conversations never become heated. I would have to say the only thing that really bothers me about him is the fact that he just doesn’t see how good we could be together. Knightrider is trying too hard to meet the hot chicks and I think he sees Kitty as more of a little sister which is really a shame because Kitty is thinking I could suck his dick better than any of the hot chicks that he goes out with that are just using him for money.

When we finally arrived we started with drinks on a schooner bar. The weather was beautiful that evening. There were others who were coming from the beach and the crowd pushed Kitty and Knightrider closer together. I listened as he told one of the others in our group about a date he had the day before. He said, “She was nice but doesn’t share our humor. She’s not working.” When I asked if he was going to see her again he said, “Sure”. Okay…WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?! Knightrider, DON’T YOU SEE IT?!?!?! DON’T YOU SEE THAT SHE’S NOT THE ONE?!?!?! DON’T YOU SEE ME RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU?!?!?

When the entire group assembled we went to the dining room. Knightrider had texted me the night before to ask if I was going for the whole lobster or the tail. Kitty is sentimental about my father lately and since he introduced me to cracking open whole lobsters at a very young age, I assured Knightrider that I was going for the whole lobster bib and all.

The rest of the group perused the menu but Kitty knew exactly what I was getting. The only question was size. When the waitress asked the size, Knightrider took the initiative and ordered the 2 pounder for me. When Knightrider took control it completely made Kitty wet. Kitty loves a man who takes control as we all know and I can’t help but wonder how that translates in the bedroom. The orders were taken and aside from ordering the tail as opposed to the whole lobster Knightrider’s meal was identical to Kitty’s. We have an uncanny love of all the same foods and we talk about food a lot. Again, other than Angry Guy, I can’t remember a connection like that with any other man.

When the dinner was served and the waitress offered Kitty a lobster bib, Knightrider immediately took a picture. Kitty has a vegetarian friend who had been torturing me the night before about killing lobster for my dining pleasure. In an effort to yank her chain a little Knightrider took the picture then I texted it to vegetarian friend as a goof. Knightrider knowing all of this was happy to oblige.

The rest of the meal we ate, we chatted, we laughed and then it was time to roll out of there. Knightrider pulled the car up and we were on our way home. He had his satellite radio on and we were enjoying the music talking about all the greats. Suddenly Knightrider’s phone lit up. He was receiving a text. I glanced over at the name and could see that it was a woman…not necessarily a romantic interest but he picked up the phone and began to text as his truck veered off the road. Kitty sitting in the front seat calmly repeated his name until he looked up and swerved back onto the road. Close call and Kitty is in no mood to lose my life over some other woman that’s for damn sure.

Finally getting back to Knightrider’s place safely our evening came to an end. Once again, he bent down allowing me to kiss his cheek and say goodnight.

The next morning Knightrider called Kitty. We chatted about the evening before and the upcoming weekend. We talked about our friend who has been extremely combative lately and again Kitty thought, “Don’t you see how wonderful we would be together?!??”

More and more Kitty has been looking at Knightrider. I look at his hands and wonder how they would feel on me. I watch him sitting and wonder how climbing on top of him would feel. I look at his lips and wonder how they would feel on mine but mostly I wonder how his cock would feel inside of me.

Last night a female friend of his texted me. She has known Knightrider since they were kids. I asked her advice. She said to tell him how I feel. This could ruin everything. I explained how awkward things would be in the group if he did not share the same feelings and based on the opinions of my male friends, Knightrider would have made a move by now if he were the least bit interested in Kitty romantically.

Kitty is not sure why Knightrider does not see what could be between us. Kitty can only guess that Knightrider is not attracted to Kitty. There is no other explanation.

Kitty is simply not Knightrider’s flavor. Some men like blondes. Some men like thin women. Some men like tall women. Kitty is none of those things. Kitty is not any of those flavors.

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