Monday, July 21, 2014

Love Letters

There are women out there who are easily impressed by a man who writes a sentimental poem, note, love letter. They enjoy reading words like “love”, “Beautiful”, and “faithfully”. But then you have your girls like Kitty. I mean, don’t get me wrong, if there is a man out there that sincerely “LOVES” Kitty and wants to be “FAITHFUL” to Kitty and wants to pledge his undying affections to Kitty then…AWESOME but what’s even more awesome to Kitty and what gets Kitty SUPER wet is a sexy email.

Oh Kitty gets sexy emails here and there but the other day when Bill and Kitty were emailing back and forth; Bill sent Kitty the sexiest email I think I have EVER gotten.

Now a little quick reminder of who Bill is. Bill is an avid reader of Kitty’s blog. He contacted Kitty several weeks ago after I posted the blog about tight ass friends and Bill and Kitty have been email buddies ever since. Bill unfortunately lives clear across the world as far as Kitty is concerned so the likelihood of us ever fulfilling our fuck fantasy is practically non-existent but it never hurts a kitty to dream.

So during one of our email chats, Kitty posed the question to Bill: “How would YOU fuck Kitty if you were given the chance?”

Well within a few hours (Kitty and Bill DO work ya know!!!) Bill explained exactly how he would go about fucking Naughty Kitty and can I just say that Bill is a quick study. He has read my blog for years and clearly knows all the points that make Kitty wet. So Kitty is sharing Bill’s email. Tell me what you think…

Hmmmm... How would I fuck Kitty?

Well first of all, I would give Kitty lots of foreplay. Lots of kissing. Sucking Kitty's nipples as gentle or as hard as she would like. Fingering Kitty's pussy while I suck her nipples, because I know that's the ticket to getting her nice and wet. But Kitty probably is already wet knowing she's going to have herself a stiff hard cock to feast on. And maybe while Kitty's devouring my cock, I'll have her swing her ass around and enjoy a 69, sucking on her clit while my nose graces her slit.
Kitty wants to fuck by now, but Bill needs more pussy time... So he gets down on the floor and brings Kitty's wanting snatch right up to the edge of the bed, so he can comfortably kneel beside the bed and eat her cunt. Bill hopes Kitty can cum from that as not all women can, but he likes nothing more than a face full of pussy juice before he starts to fuck.

But before they fuck, Bill wants his cock sucked more. So he stands up, puts Kitty on her back and has her hang her head back off the edge. Because Bill loves a good mouth fuck. Fucking Kitty's throat as his balls crash up against her nose. Kitty would love a mouthful of Bill's tasty cum, but she knows better -- Bill would much rather cum deep inside Kitty's cunt.

And then its time. Bill knows Kitty loves it rough and from behind, but oh no, not yet. Since Bill's cock has never penetrated his fair Kitty, he wants to look into her eyes as he enters her for the first time. Seeing Kitty's reaction as he goes inside and then kissing her passionately, mixing the pussy juices on his lips with Bill's precum on hers. Bill hopes he can make Kitty cum this way, but if not, there's plenty of other ways he has in mind to fuck her. Bill likes it when Kitty goes cowgirl, as he can suck her nipples while she controls the pace ...Or if Kitty prefers, she can spin around into a reverse cowgirl, as Bill loves nothing more than the visual of Kitty's pussy lips bobbing up and down on Bill's cock.

So by now Kitty has hopefully enjoyed 3 or 4 or more orgasms. Now it’s Bill's turn ... And because Bill wants a knee-buckling, standing orgasm he hops off and stands next to the bed. Flipping Kitty over with her ass high in the air so he can give Kitty the rough pounding she so loves from behind ... And Bill positions himself so he can see himself fucking in the mirror. Because there's nothing more dirty, more raunchy, more filthy, than fucking Kitty like a dog in heat. And Bill loves to watch his ass in the mirror as he thrusts into Kitty, first slowly .. then hard and fast. And Bill especially loves it this way because his wife would never give it to him like this ... So nothing brings Bill more joy than a hard-core, lecherous, taboo-by-his-wife's definition doggie style fuck.

And with all those dirty thoughts in mind .. all those thoughts of fucking Kitty the way she deserves and loves to be fuck, Bill needs to cum. And he tells Kitty its time "I'm gonna cum, baby .. this is it ..." And with one loud, continuous growl he explodes .. spasm by glorious spasm .. filling Kitty's cunt with his delicious spunk... and slumping over Kitty's back in exhaustion.

I need a cigarette and I don't even smoke!!

All I have to say is, “So does Kitty, Bill. So does Kitty.”



Simplicity said...

Whew....fanning self. Sign me up for a cigarette too! This is SO HOT!!

WestsideTori said...

Woo-hoo, Kitty! I think this one might be worth a plane ticket, don't you?

Wandering Eye said...

Well if not a plane ticket, then for sure a tank of gas! Now we just need to work on Kitty's self-imposed "no married men" rule ..

Same sassy girl said...

If the man can do it half as well as he writes? Ooh la la! Thanks for sharing Bill's hot thoughts!