Monday, August 11, 2014

Monday Funday

Kitty is coming off of a great weekend. A SUPER great weekend. Not only does Kitty have 3 hot British Soccer coaches staying at my house but Kitty had a date with someone other than Fast Freddie. See, Freddie is a fisherman. When you fuck a fisherman you fuck around the tides. So Freddie went fishing and instead of pouting...instead of throwing a tantrum...instead of crying...Kitty made another date. Freddie cannot believe his luck with Kitty. Freddie thinks Kitty is too good to be true. Maybe I am but we all have our flaws and the way Kitty looks at it, if Freddie wants to go fishing then Kitty can go and do my own fishing.

Now Kitty was sincere when she told Freddie to have fun on his fishing trip but I guess he suspects I am too good to be true because he has certainly picked up the ball when it comes to texting. In light of Freddie's inability to rise to the occasion and in an effort to sooth his nerves, Kitty and Freddie agreed to do some vanilla dating and "see where things go". This is all pretty ironic because Freddie enjoys Kitty's naughty texts in such a way that when I backed off, he requested more.

Last night he wanted to chat online so that we could pick out toys together. Kitty picked out the Lelo Gigi 2 which comes in at a hefty $120. Kitty suspects that Freddie bought it as a gift but time will tell. He picked out a pair of fuck me heels and when I told him I already had them and would wear them for him, he nearly jumped through the cable internet.

This morning he texted:

FF: Good morning Sweetie! Hope you're having a good day.

Kitty: I am...TIRED though. Can't wait until you and I can play in person again. You got me all worked up last night.

FF: Nice! Me too. Did you get your bullet out last night?

Kitty: I did but baby, it's just not cutting it for me these days. The other night you seemed to really lose yourself. You let out quite a scream. That's what I want.

I'm picturing your hard cock right now.

FF: Climb on and go for a ride!

Kitty: Last night i was remembering how it felt when you blindfolded me and I was on my knees trying to catch your cock with my tongue.

FF: I enjoyed that! We need to do that again sometime.

Kitty: Yes, sometime soon and yes I will handcuff and blindfold you sometime.

FF: You will huh?

Kitty: Absolutely baby! Whatever you want.

FF: I'd like that. Do you have some naughty ideas of what you'd do to me? I have my cock in my hand thinking about it.

Now even though FF refused to give me a hint about what he was going to do to me in advance, all I needed to hear that FF had his cock in his hand and I couldn't help myself.

Kitty: I would blindfold you and handcuff you and play with all my favorite parts. I'd lick your cock while you are standing then gently suck your balls. I'd lick the inside of your thighs. I'd rub your cock with some lube.

Do you think that would make you hard?

FF: OMG...I already am! It already has...

Can you see Kitty smile my fiendish smile?

Kitty: Suck the head of it. That's my favorite part. And you seem to like when I run my tongue up the shaft. Then maybe I'll stand in front of you and just barely kiss your lips.


Kitty: What would make Freddie beg Kitty to let his hands free?

FF: Feeling my cock hitting the back of your throat. I'd want so badly to grab your head...or sliding deep inside you as you bend over in front of me. I'd want to grab your hips and drive in deeper.

Kitty began asking Freddie about his Ex. Did she enjoy the way he used his fingers the way Kitty does. Did she enjoy giving him oral? Did she enjoy doggie style? Is it wrong that Kitty gets a little turned on by the fact that I am fucking someone else's cast off and I am fucking him better than she ever could?

FF: I've always been partial to when a woman takes the time to put on a sexy nighty too. I never got that very often. It was "too much work". And honestly I think that's why men cheat on their wives. We work hard to provide for the wife and for the house, and then at home we are told that "putting on a sexy night gown is too much work".

Kitty: Baby, there is absolutely no reason to cheat on me. My job is to server your every whim in the bedroom. If you want something all you need to do is ask and if it's still not enough than I'd rather you just let me know and part ways.

FF: No No No. I wasn't referring to you. I meant men in general. I'm perfectly satisfied with your bedroom talent and behavior! More than satisfied.

Then my funny funny Fast Freddie asked if Kitty was visually stimulated. After a little coaxing he sent me quite a nice picture of himself blindfolded naked. He asked for pictures of Kitty. Since FF is also a semi-professional photographer Kitty said she'd let him take some pictures and if he wanted the picture of Kitty sucking his cock, Kitty would sign the photo release (just kidding).

Then Kitty turned the conversation.

Kitty: Do you ever think about me and touch yourself?

FF: Yes, quite often.

Kitty: Do you cum?

FF: No. I'm sort of saving that for you in person. Would you like me to think about you, touch myself and cum?

Kitty: I want you to do what feels good for you.

FF: Would you like it? Would YOU like me to? I will do it right now if that pleases you. I'm hard for you right now as we speak. I will wait if you prefer.

This is when Kitty got just a little naughty...

Kitty: Then wait. I want you to crave me the way I crave you.

FF: Damn gonna make me wait? Aww Fuck! And I'm so close...Damn!

Can you see Kitty smile again?

Kitty: I want you to be so consumed with fucking me that you can't think straight.

FF: I already am. Dammit!!

Kitty: too...

Well at least you got to go fishing twice this weekend. lol

FF: You're such a tease! I need you here. Yes, but I prefer your pink snapper over flounder.

Kitty: I'd feel guilty but next time we are together I am going to make you very very happy after our romantic date. Lady in the restaurant. Whore in the bedroom.

FF: Perfect! That's what I crave.

Kitty: You got it Baby!

FF: XOXO Gotta run and go to work. Talk soon.

Teasing Freddie really makes Kitty smile but don't you all worry. Next time Kitty and Freddie meet. Freddie will be smiling too!


Simplicity said...

But WHAT ABOUT THE ENGLISH SOCCER COACHES? Or was that just a tease to make sure we were paying attention? LOL

Naughty Kitty said...

LOL nothing to write yet about the soccer coaches but I'll have something by the end of the week.

Kat said...

"I prefer your pink snapper over flounder." Hahaha. THAT is classic. Cheesy, naughty, funny all at the same time. This post was fun. Thanks, Kitty! But I want to hear more about the soccer coaches, too. ;-)