Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Naughty Nighttime Texts

MMMmmmm...Kitty is super wet today. Do you want to know WHY Kitty is super wet? Well Kitty has a late night play date with Fast Freddie. Just thinking about him makes Kitty wet and makes Kitty's nipples tingle. Now Kitty knows all too well that Freddie and I aren't a perfect match and I doubt we have a "happily ever after" in our future together but Kitty...well lets just say I have a soft spot or rather a WET spot for Freddie.

First of all did I ever mention that he's a retired service man? Oh yeah! And last night he texted me his photo in uniform. He looks menacing and all I can think about was the authoritative tone he used when he refused me his cock the other night. Damn did that turn Kitty on and Freddie knows it!

Yesterday Kitty was a little bored at work and we all know nothing but a good blog can come out of that. So Kitty's naughty friend Bill was texting and Kitty asked what he thought Kitty should do to grab Freddie's attention. I told Bill that I wanted Freddie to be completely consumed with thinking about Kitty and I wanted Freddie to get hard when he read the texts and not be able to think about anything else. Naughty...yes I know!

So Bill shot off some quick text ideas and they were GOOD! So at about 4:00 p.m. Kitty sent Freddie the following text:

Hi! How's your day going? I've been thinking about how wonderful your tongue felt the other night. That tongue in my pussy. Mmmm it makes me wet just thinking about that along with your fingers inside of me. I've also been thinking about that gorgeous cock of yours ard how good it felt inside my mouth. I love running my tongue along it's head tasting your precum. Delicious. I hope someday I'll be able to feel your warm creamy cum hit the back of my throat. That makes kitty wet.

There is generally a delay between our texts as Freddie is not an iphone user and Kitty is. Time went by. Kitty was sad that Freddie did not feel the need to answer immediately. Kitty was hoping Freddie ran his truck into a tree after reading that text. Soon it was time for Kitty leave work. We had plans to meet friends who were visiting from out of town so I stopped looking for Freddie's reposnse until I saw the name flash at about 6:30. Freddie wrote:

Wow! That was a GREAT text message! I was tied up at work and read it but couldn't respond right away. Very sexy! Love it!

Okay so that made Kitty happy. We began texting and trying to make a plan to meet again. The problem is that damned son of his doesn't leave for work until after 10 at night. Kitty's fast asleep by then!

Since Kitty had to meet earlier than that I half heartedly recommended a "G" rated date. Freddie was agreeable which Kitty took as a sign that he's interested in Kitty as more than just a fuck toy. This was all well and good but FUCK! So Kitty texted:

You were teasing me with your beautiful cock. I want to feel that cock inside of me. I NEED to feel that beautiful cock inside of me.

And that's when he said/texted:

Are you kidding me??? All I can think about is seeing you again.

And as Kitty texted to Bill, "Mission Accomplished".

Freddie and Kitty texted naughty things back and forth for a few minutes. Kitty told Freddie that I want to ride his cock while he sucks on my nipples to which his response was:

You are a naughty kitty. You know that?

Cute right???

We continued texting. Kitty asked Freddie what his requests are, what he craves, what his ex did not give him that Kitty can provide. Basically Freddie likes the Lady in the parlor slut in the bedroom. Damn did Freddie hit the lottery with Kitty and thankfully he is wise enough to realize that.

One interesting request was that he wants to take me out on his boat. When we get out to a private area, he wants Kitty to wear my sheer beach cover-up without anything underneath. Then he wants Kitty to give him a blow job on his boat. He calls it "Boat-head". Kitty is smiling.

We texted about picking out toys together online. I told him that I would be using my bullet because I was still all worked up from the other night. I asked him how long he was going to make me wait. He said, "We'll see."

That makes Kitty wet. It also makes Kitty want to cry.

At the end of our texting he asked Kitty to think of him while I use my bullet to rub along my clit. He said he'd be dreaming about Kitty.

Kitty texted "Good night! XOXO". which was sort of a little joke between Bill and I. All Bill's women text him the old "xoxo" hoping he will text it back. This was not Kitty's intention but low and behold Freddie texted:

OK Good night Sweetie XO.

And just like that Kitty's little grinch heart is beginning to melt.


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