Saturday, August 30, 2014

Surfer Dude

Meeting play mates and fucking them for the first time at a hotel room never gets boring for Kitty. Kitty and the Surfer Dude actually met several years ago. Wait...let me correct myself, we CORRESPONDED two years ago. Apparently I reached out to him on AM. We chatted on the phone. That much I remember. Oh and I told him about the blog. But as we all know life sometimes gets in the way. He got busy with work; Kitty was busy with work and just after our correspondence Kitty got divorced. Without realizing it Surfer Dude had been reading Kitty’s blog. So he knew all about Kitty’s divorce and all the other shenanigans that have been occurring over the past two years. He read recently that Kitty was back on AM and sure enough he found my profile and reached out to Kitty again.


So Kitty and Surfer finally met for coffee finally after 2 years. We were both a little nervous. Kitty was nervous over this extra weight I have been carrying lately. It bothers me and every day I work at eating right and every day I do well until the night time. Enough about that though. That’s Kitty’s personal demon that I have to deal with on my own…and I will.


Surfer was nervous for obvious reasons. We were out in the open not far from his hometown and he was concerned someone would recognize him. His eyes constantly scanned the outside parking lot as we were sitting outside in the courtyard. We spoke very generically not getting too deep into any one subject mostly just recounting the events of the past two years. It was an interview more or less although Surfer knew far more about Kitty from reading my blog than I could ever know about him and as he said, “I know I can trust you. You are about the only single woman I would ever consider seeing.”


Surfer Dude is right. Kitty has no intention of ruining anybody’s life/marriage/family. That’s not what Kitty is about and it never will be. Since Surfer Dude is a reader of Kitty’s blog he pointed out that Kitty not too long ago wrote, “No more married men.” And then Surfer Dude said, “And here we are.” His words along with the way he looked into my eyes made me wet.


Because Surfer was so on edge at our first meeting Kitty was not surprised not to hear from him at all the next day. Kitty had to assume that Surfer Dude had second thoughts and who is Kitty to question that. So Kitty went about my day thinking that things with Surfer Dude would go no further. Kitty had plans for the evening and when those plans were cancelled, without hesitating I texted Surfer, “Hey my plans for tonight changed. Would you want to get together?”


It wasn’t long before he texted back that his truck just got done at the shop and he’d “love to get together.” Kitty is wet.


Within minutes we had hatched a plan and then not too long after that Kitty was on my way to meet Surfer Dude for our first session of fucking.


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